We're interviewing HP's Vice President & General Manager, Commercial Mobility & Software, Michael Park, talking about the Elite x3 on this week's podcast. Before we dive in, who exactly is Michael Park?

"Michael Park is the vice president and general manager of the Commercial Mobility & Software business for HP's Business Personal Solutions (BPS) global business unit. In this role, Park is accountable for P&L growth of the company's commercial mobility portfolio, spanning devices, software and services for both enterprise and SMB customers, and channel partners globally. "

A shorter version is Mr. Park oversaw the development of the entire Elite x3 program.

Mr. Park was an outstanding guest answering many questions you have about the Elite x3 (yes, we read your comments): Why did HP make this device? Who is it for? What about BYOD? Why is the speaker grill not "real" metal? Why not Android?

All of these questions and more are discussed on this very special and exclusive podcast. If you ever wanted to hear from HP directly about why the Elite x3 happened, now is your chance!

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Speaking of the HP Elite x3 make sure you read our full review and deep dive into HP Workspace for even more context!

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