Windows Central readers are not sold on the Surface Duo 2's camera setup

Surface duo 2 Leak
Surface duo 2 Leak (Image credit: YouTube: Tech Rat)

What you need to know

  • Images of the Surface Duo 2 leaked.
  • We ran a poll asking if readers like the leaked Duo 2's camera setup.
  • Most readers aren't fans of it yet.

As of this moment in time, during the writing of the post you're currently reading, the "Do you like the leaked Surface Duo 2 camera setup?" poll sits at 1,034 votes. Most readers (37.43%, 387 votes) do not like the Duo 2's camera situation, 33.66% (348 votes) are skeptical about it, and only 28.91% (299 votes) like it. In short, both of the non-positive answers have accrued more votes than the optimistic one.

In case you need a refresher on the situation, Surface Duo 2 images leaked, and they show that the sequel Duo has a different approach to camera operations than its predecessor. However, that new approach comes bundled with concerns about everything from the aesthetics of a camera bump to the actual structural threats of bending or breaking when folding the device or stopping the machine from laying flat.

Given the potential complications that may come with owning a Duo 2 as a result of its little camera bump, it's no wonder people are ever-so-slightly hesitant about hopping aboard the hype train. Not to mention that key info about the device remains unknown, such as its starting price, which may also be a source of contention.

It's worth noting that if you never hopped on the initial Surface Duo and are cautiously eyeballing the Duo 2, you may want to consider grabbing the original first to see if you like the core two-screen experience. The first Duo has been seeing wave after wave of all-time low sale prices in recent months, meaning you can likely snag it for under $400 if interested.

Robert Carnevale

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