Windows Hello gets more accurate with fresh Windows 10 cumulative updates

HP ENVY 32 AIO Windows Hello
HP ENVY 32 AIO Windows Hello (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • New cumulative updates are now available for Windows 10.
  • The updates bring fixes for Windows 10 versions 1909 and 1903.
  • The main highlight in these updates is an improvement to Windows Hello accuracy.

Microsoft rolled out a new set of cumulative updates to the two most recent Windows 10 releases today. These cumulative updates are available for the Windows 10 May 2019 and November 2019 updates, and they bring the standard set of fixes and improvements. The one major highlight here is an improvement to the accuracy of Windows Hello, which may make for smoother logins.

These updates contain the same set of fixes, though they differ in build number. You'll see builds 18362.628 and 18363.628 for the May 2019 Update and November 2019 Update, respectively. Here's a look at the highlights.

  • Improves the accuracy of Windows Hello face authentication.
  • Updates an issue that changes the user-customized order of tiles in the Start menu even though the layout is locked or partially locked.
  • Updates an issue that causes a grey box to appear when you search within Control Panel and File Explorer.
  • Updates an issue that prevents File Explorer's Quick access control from pasting clipboard content using the right mouse button (right-click).
  • Updates an issue that prevents File Explorer's Quick access control from receiving user input.
  • Updates an issue that causes the touch keyboard to close when you select any key.
  • Updates an issue that, in certain cases, causes multiplayer PC games to drop the invitation to play the game in multiplayer mode.
  • Updates an issue that sometimes causes an error when you unplug a USB type C hub flash drive.
  • Updates an issue that displays incorrect indicators for offline and online files.

You can grab these updates now via Windows Update. For more on these releases, you can check out Microsoft's full release notes (opens in new tab) as well.

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  • Just installed the update, but I don't notice any greater accuracy with Windows Hello on my Surface Go. Maybe it will recognize me better when my face is bloated the morning after a night of drinking and eating junk food.
  • *Laughs Out Loud*
  • You didn't train Windows Hello on that face?
  • Windows hello has always worked very well for me. The only complaints I had has since been resolved but there were some past updates that messed up the camera turning on.
  • I wonder if they fixed the problems with the early Realsense cameras.
  • I originally had one of the early (second-gen, I think) Intel RealSense dev cameras for my desktop but, a while back, I got the Mouse camera as recommended by Windows Central: It's been working pretty well but I have a fairly big desk and I usually have to lean forward a little to be recognised. I noticed this morning that I didn't have to do that, so maybe that's as a result of this update. I'll pay attention for a while on my desktop and my Surface devices (Pro 5 & Go) to see whether I notice a consistent difference. My Go did take a while to recognise me on occasion and both Surfaces fail to recognise me from time to time, so I wouldn't mind some improvement there.
  • I've been paying specific attention on my Go and it has been consistently good, but I'd need to see that continue over a longer period to be sure that it is due to this update.
  • Yup, mine is the first gen (AFAIK) F200. I have yet to try to make it work again. But all the references to them not working right seem to have disappeared from the Windows 10 build docs.
    I'd get a new one, there's a Razer one too, but those products charge extra for the gamer branding.
  • is not more accurate on my Surface GO; still doesn't work. I use the fingerprint reader on my Flex 15...
  • Does this update work equally as well for all sensor/camera devices linked to Windows Hello? Or is the update only helpful for select windows hello sensors/devices. I think this update does not ubiquitously work for all Windows Hello devices, but it would be interesting to know which do. Does it for example work well on "older surface pro"devices (for example surface pro 6 and below?).
  • oops, comment in wrong article. changed text.