Windows Insiders can get their hands on the new Clock app and Focus Sessions feature

Focus Sessions
Focus Sessions (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently teased Windows 11's new Clock app.
  • The app contains the new Focus Sessions feature.
  • The app is now rolling out to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel.

Recently, Microsoft unveiled the new Clock app coming to Windows 11. Not only will it tell you the time, but it'll also feature a new inclusion: Focus Sessions. These sessions will essentially merge To Do and Spotify, enabling you to jam out, keep track of tasks, and keep an eye on the clock all at the same time.

Now Microsoft's done teasing and is ready to let users take the Clock app out for a spin. First, it gave Insiders the new Snipping Tool and freshened up the Mail & Calendar and Calculator apps. And now, the Clock app and its Focus Sessions are rolling out. As Microsoft mentions in its announcement post, you may not see the updated app just yet, but that doesn't mean you should stop checking. Unless, of course, you need to stay focused on your work and can't afford to wait around for Focus Sessions to arrive on your machine.

Focus Sessions To Do

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Focus Sessions take the core clock experience to a whole 'nother level. The feature will factor in breaks that you need (want 5 minutes to breathe? The feature will accommodate for that), allow you to set daily goal streaks, listen to music, and overall work to keep you as productive as possible. In a remote world filled with distractions at every turn, Microsoft knows people need a way to keep their eyes on the prize, and now its Clock app won't just be a way to tell you how much time you have left until you're fresh out, but it'll help you make the most of that time.

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