Windows Live for Mobile ... goes live

Not all the news is coming out of Vegas this week, as Microsoft has made Windows Live for Mobile available for download.

Now you can get to all your favorite Microsoft programs and features – Hotmail, Windows Live Spaces, Live Search, MSN Mobile – straight from your phone. (Messenger is still a separate download, apparently.)

Strangely, only AT&T and Sprint are mentioned in the carriers section. If anyone on Verizon or T-Mo wants to give it a shot, let us know in the comments. (Commentor emoney says everything's a go on Verizon. Where's our T-Mo peeps at? emoney also reminds us that Hotmail pushes now, which is very nice.)

Otherwise, head on over the Windows Live for Mobile site (link fixed, thanks wwejason!), or download it directly onto your phone.

Via Pocketnow

  • I'm on verizon and this works flawlessly. worth mentioning this brings push mail functionality to hotmail-sweet!
  • On Alltel and it works splendidly. However, Hotmail has had push functionality for a while, you just had to manually go in and change it in your email settings for that account. I had it on my HTC Titan, and on my stock Windows Live on the Touch Pro. Just FYI. :-)
  • Well, this bit of "news" is rather disappointing. I thought this was, at the Very least, an update to what I've already had for the past few months but, it's not. It's the same version of the same program that's been out for a quite some time now.
  • That's been out for months.
  • April....fools?
  • I've been using this since last year. Where's the news.
  • I'm on T-mobile and it works great no issues!
  • Um... Hotmail has been push mail for a very long time now as well. None of this is new.
  • On a second read, what is new is that the installer is now available in more countries, for those devices in which WLM is not cooked into the ROM. And Messenger is not included in those countries with which MS has a carrier agreement.
  • The version I've been using for quite a while is 10.6.0042.1900. What's this one?
  • The download link in the article is wrong. The one that says "directly onto your phone" points to the old version that does NOT include IM. The link to the new version that DOES include IM is simply
  • Thanks. Just read somewhere that this was updated this morning. I'll update our link, too.