Windows Live for Mobile ... goes live

Not all the news is coming out of Vegas this week, as Microsoft has made Windows Live for Mobile available for download.

Now you can get to all your favorite Microsoft programs and features – Hotmail, Windows Live Spaces, Live Search, MSN Mobile – straight from your phone. (Messenger is still a separate download, apparently.)

Strangely, only AT&T and Sprint are mentioned in the carriers section. If anyone on Verizon or T-Mo wants to give it a shot, let us know in the comments. (Commentor emoney says everything's a go on Verizon. Where's our T-Mo peeps at? emoney also reminds us that Hotmail pushes now, which is very nice.)

Otherwise, head on over the Windows Live for Mobile site (link fixed, thanks wwejason!), or download it directly onto your phone.

Via Pocketnow

Dieter Bohn