Windows Mobile 7 on LinkedIn again

MSFT Kitchen has once again done all the dirty work by shifting through LinkedIn (opens in new tab) profiles to find little cherries of information on Windows Mobile 7.  Check out the last summary of such an adventure.

Nothing too extraordinary though we do see that, as we've said in previous podcasts, Silverlight will play a major role on the device.

Other tidbits:

  • Mobile Entertainment/Zune Group is working together on gaming for WM7 (foreshadow?)
  • IE7 exists
  • USB On-the-Go support (nice)
  • Bing in Silverlight
  • DirectShow support
  • Motorola, Motorola, Motorola--they are not out
  • Mirage = codename?

Read all the nerdy details at MSFT Kitchen.

Phil Nickinson

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  • I can't wait for test builds of WinMo 7 to start showing up on cooked ROMs for us to try, although I have a feeling my Diamond and Diamond2 might not be up to snuff to run this beast though. Anyone got an HD2 to giveaway???? /hint
  • Is Re-architected a word?
  • lol, I guess it is now! Oh English morphology, you never get old, always good for the re-fun.
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  • I'm sure XDA will find a way to get a WM7 beta working on our diamond 2's and touch pro 2's...even though we're hearing some daunting required specs...if it's that power hungry of an OS, how good of a thing will it be? I'm thinking the daunting specs were just a method of upping the standard of windows phone hardware which microsoft doesn't seem to have much control over.
  • Yay for the silverlight!