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Windows Mobile team talks app development

Members of the Windows Mobile team got together after the first day of Microsoft's Tech-Ed conference in Los Angeles to talk application development and discuss the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile. It's an interesting video, albeit 42 minutes long, and well worth a watch. For you busy bees, a couple of interesting points:

  • Widgets will be exclusive to the Marketplace. Don't expect to be able to sideload widgets, because they have to be signed (read: certified), and that can only be done through the Marketplace certification process.
  • A widget, for all intents and purposes, has the same status as an app. That includes counting toward the first five apps submitted for $99.
  • Certification will give end users peace of mind that an app won't brick their phone.
  • No Silverlight on Windows Mobile 6.5.
  • They didn't get to do everything they wanted with Windows Mobile 6.5. Just ran out of time.
  • Marketplace will launch in 55 nations, 29 of which will have for-pay stores as well as free apps.

Check out the entire Tech-Ed video here.

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  • If the proper certs are added to devices, non-marketplace widgets will most certainly be installable.
  • Wow, what a great idea. Now one has to pay to publish a web page? Come on, Microsoft, you can't be serious.
    On the other hand, that might be a good reason why they don't like other browsers making themselves default. Would be a bit nasty if users simply use a newer version of Opera and don't need to fear "bricking" because it simply has a working sandbox for Widgets (and all other web pages)... (Hell, and it can't be that much efford to offer an .lnk starting the browser with a web page in a special view...)
    I could understand all that selling and signing stuff for sold local installations (i.e. HTML+Javascript on device, XML/AJAX data from web, somewhat similar to many Firefox plugins) on a voluntarily base. But this sounds a bit different...
  • No Silverlight in 6.5?? 6.5 isn't the real upgrade. I wouldn't buy a new phone just for 6.5.
    I'm waiting for 7, thats the real deal.
  • 7 is a myth, must be interesting look at how many empty chairs there are