Windows Phone 7 Series: Developers, developers, developers

"Developers, developers, developers." That was Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's battle cry some time ago, and it rings true today with Windows Phone 7 Series.

After the break is a list of developers already on board for Windows Phone 7 Series. Some names you'll know -- The Associated Press, Pandora, Seesmic, Sling, Citrix. Others are new.

  • The Associated Press
  • Archetype International Inc.
  • AWS Convergence Technologies – WeatherBug
  • Citrix Systems Inc.
  • Clarity Consulting Inc.
  • Cypress Consulting
  • EA Mobile
  • Fandango Inc.
  • Foursquare Labs Inc.
  • frog design inc.
  • Glu Mobile Inc.
  • Hudson Entertainment Inc.
  • IdentityMine Inc.
  • Inc.
  • Larva Labs
  • LLC
  • Matchbox Mobile Ltd.
  • Microsoft Game Studios
  • Namco Networks America Inc.
  • Oberon Media Inc.
  • Pageonce Inc.
  • Pandora Media Inc.
  • Photobucket Inc.
  • PopCap Games Inc.
  • Seesmic
  • Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
  • Sling Media
  • SPB Software Inc.
  • stimulant
  • TeleCommunications Systems Inc.
  • Touchality LLC
  • Vertigo Software Inc.

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  • what i would like to know is, is this more or less than what WM has already??? and how does it compare to other platforms?
  • ...and not to forget...Gydar Industries! :) It's finally good to be a Windows Mobile...sorry Windows Phone developer again! Very exited about all the info, and attention from Microsoft the last weeks really!
  • The success of Windows Phone 7 may come down to the apps.I love the features like social networking, the Web, and gaming.