Windows Phone 8 Marketplace to support 180 countries at launch

Todd Brix has announced on the Windows Phone Developer Blog that Windows Phone 8 will support 180 countries at launch. The platform currently covers 63 markets, making this a fairly sizeable improvement. Developers will also be able to make full use of this added support, which will be a bonus for consumers in those markets.

So which countries are being added? Check out the chart after the break for all the juicy details...

Note that the market list can change before Windows Phone 8 launches. Brix also quickly covered new versions of the Marketplace and App Hub, which are both still in development and have been rebuilt from the ground up.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • The important thing is the App Hub also expanded! I can register myself with my own identify already! ;)
  • Yes!!! The United States made the cut. Lol
  • Am so happy to see Kenya in there. It's time the world realized Africa is bigger than South Africa :-)
  • I thought Africa was a country /s
  • Yay!! Denmark made it. :-D
  • I don't see Syria! Guess I'll just sneak over the border to Turkey to grab one. :-P
  • or you could visit lebanon
  • Panama is there, finally I cab recommend the phones to my friends and family without any reservations.
  • Can you tell me exactly how is the marketplace available today for Israeli users?
    It won't let me pick Israel as my region, thus preventing me from purchasing applications.
  • Not now, when WP8 hits...
  • Does anyone know, does this list apply for 7.8?
  • Is this going to be the same market as for windows 8? In theory it could be, right?
  • Most likely. If anything, Windows 8 will support more markets, not less.
  • this is huge news and its make me happy to see globle support :)
  • Nokia alliance effectively used.
  • true +1
  • Finally i see Paraguay there, my country. Now the thing is, would i be able to change my fake account from Spain to Paraguay in my profile? I've already paid for a lot of games and DLC from xbox live for my 360 and dont want to create a new account.
  • Try contacting the support they are quite nice usually.
  • It's great to see the marketplace expanding, but they still need to bring standard features to all countries. I still can't use Bing Vision to translate text to English, nor can I scan product barcodes (only QR & MS tags). I can change my region for the latter, but the former still doesn't work (source language detects as English, when translating TO English, with no option to manually change).
  • That's in Australia BTW
  • so ,algeria is supported awsome :)