Windows Phone 8 Ease of Access

One of the new  renovated features of Windows Phone 8 is the audible Caller ID. But not everyone wants their Windows Phone to announce incoming calls. Sure it's a neat feature but can be annoying and not really appropriate in certain situations.  But how do you disable this feature?

You might think the audible Caller ID would be found under the Speech settings as audio confirmations but it's actually under the Ease of Access settings. The Ease of Access covers settings for text size, a high contrast screen, a screen magnifier and speech for phone accessibility.

If you're not too keen on incoming calls being announced, just turn the speech for phone accessibility option off. This will disable audible Caller ID, call forwarding and speed dialing. I could see the need for separating these three features but for now, I'll use Voice Commands for speed dialing and live without Caller ID announcements.