MetroTube - The best YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 is now available

The updates for Microsoft’s latest mobile OS keep on coming and this one is very welcome indeed. Lazyworm have just released an update to their very popular Metrotube app for watching YouTube videos, joining the other new or updated Windows Phone 8 Apps. The update brings the release to version 4.0.

A long-time favourite on Windows Phone, the app makes great use of the Metro UI, taking full advantage of the new large tiles and introduces the ability to preload videos for later viewing. Read on past the break to find out more.

The app has always been a strong contender and that’s down to the really great attention to detail on the user interface and experience. With this version you’ll be able to “pre-load” videos onto your phone for later playback. All you’ll need to do is find the video you want then click on the preload button and once done you can view offline.  You can even pin a tile to your home screen in three different sizes for quick access to content you have preloaded.

In addition, fast-resume is also supported allowing you to quickly pop back into the app without having to reload it.

Google have recently stated they have no plans to create any new apps for Windows Phone 8 or even Windows 8 so that will mean that a YouTube is highly unlikely. But all is not lost, MetroTube provides a powerful and feature rich alternative to  an official app. To be honest, we don’t think an official one could be this full featured and look and work this well. From the press release:

“We’ve seen great success with Metrotube so far, since launch we’ve had over 370,000 downloads and are now averaging between 2-3 thousand downloads a day.”  says Atta Elayyan, Managing Director at Lazyworm Applications. “It seems that Google still has no immediate plans to build out Windows apps so we’ll continue trying to fill that void.  Today we’re excited to be releasing Metrotube for Windows Phone 8 and aim to have a Windows 8 version out sometime early next year.” 

That app is available from the marketplace now and will cost US $0.99c / UK £0.79p and offer a free unlimited ad-free trial. Lazyworm have been strong supporters of Windows Phone and we’re really glad to see this app finally appear, it really shows the way for how things can be done with the new platform.

You can download MetroTube version 4.0 from the Windows Phone Store here or grab it with the QR code below. Windows Phone 8 devices only.

QR: MetroTube

Robert Brand
  • Even Google can't make an Youtube app as awesome as Metrotube.
  • 100% agreed. not in their wildest dream ,Should they thought of things like that. The app is awesome.
  • +1. LazyWorm makes awesome apps.
  • Totally agree. I was using Tube Pro only because I wanted to 'preload' videos. But since Metrotube now supports that.. its a no brainer.
  • app is good, just needs to fit htc full screen, doesn't look right, also they should do more with live tile
  • I remember the days when it was lazytube.. And I remember being sad about the email saying they were pulling it from the market.. Glad to see the best YouTube app ever doing so well
  • Hmm, I only could find the older version.
  • Version 4.0 is Windows Phone 8 only.
  • Hey Dan, is it me or store is acting funny, updated metrotube to version 4, recently got another update shown, I did it and it downgraded it to 3.6, same with Nokia drive and creative studio
  • Yeah that just happened to me to. Its really annoying since v4.0 brought the 16:9 aspect ratio and without that ratio my OCD prevents me from using it on my 8X.
  • Had a similar experience in which the store app shows that those 3 updates were available and when choosing to download them the updates disappeared as if they didn't exist. Searched for them individually and the update option shows up on them and was able to update that way.
  • Yeah after some time update comes back so you can update to a new version again, but after a little bit old "update" comes back again
  • Now available? I swear I've been running this on my 920 since I got it launch day. I just checked, and didnt see any updates. Am I missing something?
  • Just barely hitting the market so it may not show up for everyone immediately.  It will shortly I'm sure.  If you check the version probably doesn't say on your listing right now.
  • Yeah its still
  • use the QR tag above to get it
  • I used the QR tag on my 8X and it downloaded v3.6
  • the best video app... Men I feel like the end of the road for my lumia 900.. Even though I get 7.8 im still not gonna get any wp8 goodies.. Oh well
  • I feel you. Most of the apps I use have been updated. I'm going to try and wait for the next round
  • Really the best YouTube client. The devs care app and users.
  • What's the story with Metrotube and live tiles? I would love for the Metrotube live tile to flip and show me when I get a new subscribed video. I've tried to pin my subscriptions to see if it will do this but it's just a static tile... am I doing something wrong or does Metrotube not support live tiles?
  • Check the settings inside Metrotube. It does support, mine flips.
  • I have "enable main tile flipping" checked but I can't see any other live tile options. Can you tell me which tiles flip for you?
  • Have the same problem as you, tile is just static. Didn't have that problem before it got updated.
  • Subscriptions more, PIN.
  • Live Tile for new subscribptions would be awesome indeed.
  • What do you mean "just released" ? I got it installed on my Lumia 920 since i got it 3 weeks ago...
  • I hear ya. I've had MetroTube on it since I got my Lumia 920 almost a month ago.
  • Well, we mean that version 4.0 was just released, an update from version 3.6.  Just because you run an app on a WP8 phones doesn't make it a WP8 app. 
  • The medium tile for metro app was low res. Now it looks HD in my 8x. Now it has large tile.
  • The version optimized for Windows Phone 8, was just now released. 
  • Yeah, I guess they just meant that it's updated. Hopefully favorites works now. It didn't before for me.
  • Just checked again. Version 4 is not showing up on WP8 store, or online. The QR code isn't working either. I'm in Canada though. Maybe a country difference?
  • Give it time. We're running it here in the UK and the US from the Store.
  • I got in in Calgary about 10 minutes ago.
  • I'm in the US on an 8X...still getting v3.6
  • Still showing 3.6 only for my Lumia 920. I'm in the US.
  • Yeah finaly!! Oh cr*p I don't have a windows phone 8 device yet :(
  • LOL. Neither do I.
  • Just tried this app out and I do not like it, you have to have a Google account to do anything at all. When will someone make a YouTube app that can follow feeds without an account, it should be very simple. You cannot pre-load any videos either.
  • Google owns youtube, just dont sign in. 
    Of course you need to sign in with a google account though if you want to do anything, IT IS OWNED BY GOOGLE
  • But it would be simple to make an app that you don't need to. Oh well.
  • @dusteater I don't get it...I'm not logged in. I can play videos, search for videos, save videos for offline use, pin stuff to my screen. What exactly are you complaining about? Can't "do anything at all" is hyperbole, no?
  • Exactly, I don't even have a google/youtube account and use this app to do all the things you just said Daniel. All you have to do is open the app and go!
  • I'm not sure how "easy" it would be if Google's API requires logging in. I'm not a developer though.
  • Because google bought YouTube loooong time ago?
  • Uh, no. How is it simple to access subscriptions without an account when the server you're querying requests an account? If you think it's so easy, go make a YouTube client. Else, just Google "create Google account without Gmail" and you'll get a link where you won't even have to sign up for a Gmail address, just use your existing Hotmail / Yahoo / whatever address.
  • any word on windows 8 version?!
  • Next year.
  • Youtube RT is an awesome WIndows 8 App.
  • O wow side scrolling is instant now.
  • Yes, MetroTube is the best. But, also PrimeTube is nice, my 2nd YouTube client.
  • Dont see anything, still on 3.6.  app links takes you to existing 3.6
  • <p>This should read v4.0 was just released for Windows Phone 8, not &quot;the best YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 is now available.&quot; It has been available since way before Windows Phone 8 came out and it has always worked on Windows Phone 8. In fact, I just upgraded to v4.0 on my Lumia 920 and not only do I see no changes from v3.6. The live tile doesn&#39;t change in either of the 3 available sizes, even when the settings of the app have an option that reads &quot;Enable main tile flipping&quot; and I have it checked.</p>
  • Damn dude, just re-pin it and you'll see 3 tile sizes
  • Re-read my message. The live tile doesn't change IN either of the 3 sizes, not TO either of the 3 sizes. I get the sizes alright. It's the tile that's not live. It doesn't change. It's static.
  • Store web page isn't showing 4.0 yet (Lumia 920 user).... Guess we just need to wait a little :P
  • Check again
  • i already had this app on my htc 8x, but i'm pretty sure it was free.  my phone is telling me to update it, but by updating it do i then have to pay the 99 cents?
  • It might be just my guess, but I think it just says "update", not "update for .99c"
  • I still wish that WP OS allowed third-party apps to be default associates with certain links/files. That would fully integrate MetroTube as it SHOULD be. =D
  • This x1000. One of my only gripes about WP8. Wish I could set MetroTube as a default app!
  • I just wish I didn't need the crappy web-based Youtube shortcut installed in order to open certain types of Youtube links that I see sometimes.
  • Come on store ... update!!!  I order you to update, NOW!
  • Hahaha! I wonder if the old trick of "press back then go back to app in the Store" works on WP8.
  • Metrotube rocks!
  • Preloading!
  • Is it better than Supertube? It's pretty awesome, too.
  • Sure Google dosn't support WP8 but Lazyworm does. If I was MS I would back them 150% fund them so they can take advantage of Google API's and bring some slick 3rd party Google apps into our Ecosystem to both WP8 and Win8
  • It is there for me now :)
  • Big tile is not flipping
  • Give it some time. Mine flips.
  • Metrotube FTW!
  • Microsoft should back these guys, metrotube is immense, Google couldn't better it even of they tried!
  • Any body been able to play the video in the background? I use it to listen to music. I know it sound silly since it is supposed to view videos.
  • According to the photo on this link (I assume it's from the Developers?), you can do what you want to do.
    It says you can "listen to audio under lock."
  • Only thing it needs is a download video option. That would make this app 10x better :)
  • I was just saying how Google couldn't make a YouTube app as good as metrotube yesterday when they said they won't be supporting us because some market share crap but im wondering if any developers are willing to make us a decent G+ my use of it has gone down hill and not having a decent app is one of the reasons
  • Not installing on my 920... Tried to update... Didn't work, deleted the existing app and re-install didn't work... Giving me an error code
  • Tiles not flipping.. Anyone got it to flip?
  • Hmmm, I have downloaded MetroTube last week already... On my 8X
  • Hmm... It seems the update got pulled off the store...
  • It must have been. Still no update, but I'll keep checking.
  • What's the difference between this and Supertube?
  • This one is a hell of a lot better looking ;)
  • App is good, but not great for two reasons:
    1. You can see only those of your uploads, which are not set as private or unlisted
    2. You can't upload videos to YouTube.
  • Not working for me. Website or phone. Can't get app.
  • I always get this annoying error and am not able to use the app on 900. Does the new one do that? I had to switch to stock.
  • I'm still waiting on updates for Drive and Metrotube. Curse you Store!
  • Still listed on the store as 3.6 version.
  • I am new to WP8 and decided to try this out. I've only been messing with it for a few minutes and the first thing I noticed is there are no thumbs up/down buttons for user comments. Not a deal breaker as I like the interface much better than the default YouTube app. Just something I think should be added. First I thought it was because I wasn't signed in to my Google account, but I signed in and still the same.
  • checkout prime tube.  I think it's awesome
  • Still showing 3.6 on my 920. Link provided only takes me to 3.6 (which I already had). Did they take it down? EDT: Got the update. Link works now.
  • This app was reverted back to 3.6. Lives tiles quit working in 4v and I tried to reinstall and got v3.6
  • Check back in a little bit it'll show update again to 4.0 version, same shit happening with Nokia drive and creative studio
  • You guys need to checkout Prime Tube.  One bad ass app!
  • Finally got update for metrotube. In us att
  • I just got a second update available today?! I updated a few hours ago to v. 4.0 now have another update. Going to look into it. **edit** It says it's the 4.0 update, which I checked in my metrotube settings, I already have. But it's still prompting me to update? Think I'll just skip it.
  • So this is better then SuperTube? Also can you actually download video's to the Storage card area in the Nokia Lumia 920??
  • Imho it is the best YouTube app period. You can download videos albeit not to the storage card area as that "area" doesn't exist. Not on the 920 that is.
  • Its the area you can access from you're computer which is basically the built in storage area 32GB space on the Lumia 920... Non of what you said answers my question! Have you even tried SuperTube?? I take not!
  • Whats the deal with the message  Unable to play this video due to verification requirements?  PrimeTube will play the same same video just fine.
  • Just downloaded this to my 8X and I got version 3.6.  So what's the deal?
  • best best app ever.
    google can only wish to make such an app
  • So how does one delete vids that have been downloaded? Can't seem to find that option.
  • Anyone else having the problem where it takes an hour to preload the same video it took 5min to download on supertube?
  • It came up in my updates section, but when I clicked it, it disappeared.
  • Where is the update???? It still says V3.6
  • I downloaded it the update yesterday and it was amazing...i can actually download videos...but today I got a different update so I downloaded it and it went back to the previous I uninstalled it...and now it won't reinstall for me...anyone know wassup...
  • Still showing 3.6, lumia 920
  • This apps looks really cool I'd definitely love to try this one. I think you should also check out other best apps to watch youtube videos on windows 8 desktop:
  • So cool