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Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leak – All you need to know

Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leak – All you need to know

On Monday, February 10th, Microsoft sent out private invites to a select number of Windows Phone developers. The content was the beta release of the Windows Phone 8.1 software development kit (SDK), which is what developers use to make apps. SDKs don’t reveal all of the consumer features, but they reveal enough about the 8.1 operating system to warrant interest.

Less than 24-hours later, an anonymous developer on link aggregation site Reddit leaked screenshots and details about the beta SDK and new OS. Since then, more information has come out from other developers as the SDK ISO file itself has leaked.

Want to know about all of the details? Then you’ll want to follow our ongoing coverage by bookmarking this page.

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Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1 will allow an app to display 20 notifications

At this rate we might not have much surprises left for Build 2014 next month in San Francisco. We’ve learned a lot about the big picture for the future of Windows Phone ever since the beta Windows Phone 8.1 SDK was leaked. Since then it’s been a steady stream of information about the upcoming update.

Earlier this week we finally got out first look at Cortana in action on video. Earlier today some more Windows Phone 8.1 information made its way onto the web. Today we’re learning a bit more about the Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1.

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Windows Phone 8.1 will feature muted conversations

Information on Windows Phone 8.1 keep coming out. We can really thank the leak of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK for most of the new stuff.

Today we’re highlighting a singular feature that might not really be groundbreaking, but it’s beyond useful. In Windows Phone 8.1 you’ll be able to mute conversations in the messaging app. Is your mom texting you too much or did you get looped into a group SMS that just won’t end? Mute them all.

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Massive Windows Phone 8.1 feature-list gets detailed, including Quiet Hours, Office Lens and more

The Windows Phone 8.1 SDK is the gift that keeps on giving. Today, we’ve already had confirmation about background images for the Start screen, which have yet to be fully revealed, and yesterday we had a big roundup as well.

This afternoon, developers Jeremy Sinclair (@sinclairinator) and Jesse Leskinen (@jessenic) have put together the bullet lists to end all bullet lists. Their info comes from MUI strings direct from the SDK, so they are subject to change upon final release. What’s interesting about this list is the sheer number of little things that we had suspected, but not yet confirmed in Windows Phone 8.1.

It should be clear that 8.1 is, in many ways, a complete overhaul of the OS from top to bottom, not just a few big features. That’s important because what you’re about to read below demonstrates just how busy the dev team has been to build upon the groundwork laid down with Windows Phone 8, back in late 2012.

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Windows Phone 8.1 may get backgrounds on the Start screen, three column support

More information from the Windows Phone 8.1 beta SDK leak hint at some forthcoming features for the OS update, due to be announced in April. The info comes from LiveSino, who found references to numerous unannounced references to features in the SDK, hinting that such customizations may be in the final build for customers.

The idea of giving customers more options to customize their Windows Phone has been a hot topic for customers for years. Currently on the Start screen, users are only allowed to select from a pre-selected range of hues, with no backgrounds, leading some to call the OS ‘boring’.

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Visualized – Windows Phone 8 versus 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 will officially be shown to the world at Build 2014 in San Francisco on April 2nd. We do have a sneak peek of the update thanks to a leak of the Windows Phone 8.1 beta SDK. There isn’t going to be a drastic overhaul to the design language started in Windows Phone 7, but Windows Phone 8.1 will bring a few aesthetic differences.

Visually compare and contrast Windows Phone 8 versus Windows Phone 8.1 after the break!

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Windows Phone 8.1 SDK reveals burst photo mode, password management in IE 11 and more

Our continuing coverage of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leak

This past week we’ve seen a flurry of new surrounding Windows Phone 8.1, the upcoming update to your favorite mobile operating system. The information we’re getting comes from developers who are leaking screenshots, info and more onto the web. 

Today we’re looking at the latest information and screenshots to come out of surrounding Windows Phone 8.1. Want IE to remember your passwords? How about having your photos automatically deleted? Details below.

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Windows Phone 8.1 gets Google Calendar back, may have Miracast, and uploads from the browser

Windows Phone 8.1 SDK beta leak reveals even more

As the leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK continues to get torn apart by packs of anonymous devs, a few other features about the forthcoming OS have come forward. Today, support for Miracast, uploading of files through Internet Explorer 11 and Google calendar have been found in the documentation.

Miracast is a peer-to-peer wireless screencasting technology that allows beaming of your display to another display, more often than not a large screen TV. Now, references to Miracast have been found in the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK documentation, specifically in the section detailing the ability to let devs connect their devices via USB to a PC to show the display’s contents.

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Windows Phone 8.1 will have a dedicated Bing podcast app

Podcasts didn’t receive too much love in Windows Phone 8. They took a backseat in the Xbox Music and Video hub and didn’t really get a whole lot of attention from Microsoft. That looks to be changing quite a bit with Windows Phone 8.1. A new Bing app will focus purely on podcasts. Here’s an early look at the app.

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New Windows Phone 8.1 gallery shows off navigation bar and more

A flurry of Windows Phone 8.1 news has been coming out today. That’s mostly thanks to information leaking out onto the interwebs thanks to developers with access to the private Windows Phone 8.1 SDK program. Our heads are still spinning with all the new info coming out, but there’s a lot more to come. Over on Twitter, @AngelWZR has shared a ton of new screenshots from Windows Phone 8.1. Check them out below. 

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Developers react to the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaks

Details of the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaked earlier today. The information comes to us from developers with access to the Software Development Kit or SDK. We’ve seen some screenshots surface and a lot of details shared.

Thankfully, not all the fun was spoiled since the SDK itself still has a few surprises that no one has discovered yet. That and we can tell you there are a lot of consumer features not even in the SDK, like Cortana, the Action Center and a few other goodies. What we got today was the recipe book for Windows Phone 8.1, but you folks still want to see it in action. In other words, there's still more to come.

In the meantime, we’ve talked with a few developers to get their initial thoughts on the details in the leak. Mind you, they haven't seen the SDK themselves, but are familiar enough to know what it all means for them as a trade. We've kept a few of their names anonymous due to the sensitive nature of this leak today (Microsoft is not too pleased), but a few of them you'll be familiar with, so read on!

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