Windows Phone and home automation

Julien Schapmen of Touch Xperience (opens in new tab) has achieved something pretty cool with Windows Phone - home automation. Ever fancied controlling your TV, sound system and lights (to name but a few) from the comfort of your sofa and with a single device? Check out the above video walkthrough of a Windows Phone performing a number of tasks.

Via: WPSauce (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • This is great to see! Now how can we get MS to include this type of functionality in commercials??? I just about sick of seeing the commercials of the iphone starting cars, arming/disarming home alarms systems. It's time for consumer to see that other mobil platforms can perform these tasks as well (lets level the playing field).
  • Ummm. yes please!
  • This is great to see! Now we need to get this information to MS so they can Invest in commercials that highlight WP7's functionality. I'm sick of seeing commercials showing the iphone starting vehicles, arming/disarming alarms, and controlling lighting through alarm systems. These manufactures have ignored the WP7 platform. It's time to show them that we will make it with or without these companies that have become isheep. Lets level the playing field and show that other mobil platforms can do this too.
  • I wish this would happen sooner rather than later because honestly all my Kinect does now is sit on my entertainment center and follow me around my living room...
  • This kind of stuff has been around since the dawn of the PDA. I remember using my Pocket PC Phone Edition as a remote for my TV. Ooops! Too bad WP7 doesn't have infrared. Yes, I can arm my security alarm using my WM 6.5 also, X10 controls, etc. Meh. No news here...