Windows Phone App Review: GoGetter

GoGetter is a task manager for your Windows Phone that not only helps you manage current tasks but the "to do" list you plan to get to one day.

Add live tile support, DropBox backup, and a customizable layout and GoGetter is a nice task management app for your Windows Phone.

The main page for GoGetter has tiles to access the various categories of tasks. The categories are:

  • Inbox: Here is where you list all of the day to day tasks you need to do.
  • Today: These are tasks that need to be done today. If you generate a task in the Inbox that is due today, it'll show up in the Today list.
  • Next Action: These are tasks that need to be done but not necessarily right away.
  • Someday: Here's where you list future projects when you have no idea when they need to start or when whey are due.
  • Schedule: For tasks that have a defined start and due date.
  • Projects: This area is for the more defined projects that have a start and due date.
  • Done: This is where you'll find any task that has been completed. An archive of your activities.

Each category will have an add button that will pull up a fill-in the blank template. Each template has a reminder option Once a task is created it will be listed on each category page and most can be pinned (projects can't) to your Windows Phone Start Screen. Task listings on the category pages can be sorted, emailed or sent via SMS from the three-dot menu.

From the main page of GoGetter you can access the settings menu from the three-dot menu. Settings allow you to edit the context field for your tasks (at office, at home errands, etc); edit the estimated times field; choose GoGetter's theme; choose your Live Tile color; and set up the DropBox backup feature. The theme setting allows you to choose the background wallpaper from a group of images or use a photo from your Windows Phone Pictures Hub to use.

I found GoGetter to be a nicely laid out task manager. It's nice to create tasks in the various categories and anything due today, will get sent to the Today list.

If you are looking for a decent task manager for your Windows Phone, GoGetter is worth a try. There is a free, trial version available to let you take GoGetter out for a spin. The full version is currently running $.99 and you can find it all here at (opens in new tab) the Windows Phone Store.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • I prefer CleverToDo. Its live tile is the best.
  • I will not be impressed with technology until I can download food from the internet.
  • What advantages would this have over just using outlook?  Will it sync and with what?  
    I'm not seeing the need for this, but perhaps i'm missing something.  
  • I upgraded from windows mobile 6.5 to wp7 because I thought I would be able to synch task and categories like I was used to do... Sadly it seems Microsoft doesn't realize how important it is for business people to have these features... Outlook mobile is probably the software with the most potential, but MS doesn't get it... This pisses me off!
  • I use Wunderlist simply because it's multiplatform. I have a PC, Mac and WP7. I also share lists with my girlfriend who has a 2 Macs, Iphone4, and a work PC. Every platform works the same way, so it has a steep learning curve.
    I like making grocery list on the PC, then checking things off on my phone while shopping. When I need to do groceries again, I can just uncheck the items I need and I have my new list.
    I highly suggest people looking for help managing their time take a look at Wunderlist. Best of all it’s FREE!!
  • I do the same but with One Note.  I created a Grocery One Note and I invited my wife to share and modify the list with me.  We both have it pinned to our start screen and we update it as needed.  For every day task and to-do's I use the Calander app's built in to-do list.  It works fine but I wish the to-do's would show up on my live tile or that it could be pinned separate.  Maybe in WP8.....
  • I've been using GoGetter since way back with my Samsung Focus. ha ha ha, that seems like a LONG time ago.  It works really well for  me and it does allow backing up to Dropbox.  I found Wonderlist to be buggy. I use OneNote for different things.  Can you share lists with other users in OneNote?? Correct me if I'm wrong, but NONE of the task management apps can interface with Outlook, can they? Anyway, I like GoGetter.  It's organized well and the live tile has good info on it and I can back it up.