Windows Phone apps magazine

The Windows Phone UK blog have just posted a new entry about their digital guide to the Windows Phone 7 for consumers. This magazine covers topics including; social networking, games, FAQs, Marketplace and an introduction to the operating system.

Perfect for all users, especially those who have just made the leap to WP7, the magazine features over 140 apps. Some of which are sorted into twelve categories: news & weather, travel, maps & search, games, productivity & tools, business, entertainment, music & video, lifestyle, reference & books, social networks and photography. Not to mention a list of ten apps that will help improve ones life.

Some helpful tips on getting yourself started with both Zune and setting up a Live ID are included as well as some tips and highlights of WP7. Head on over to the blog via the link below to check out the publication.

Source: Windows Phone UK Blog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • OK, that does seem rather silly. Phone App Magazine? Really?
  • RateYourBeer made it in there! Oh yeah how do I order a copy of this to frame showing off my first app?? :D
  • lol, nice
  • Excellent now make it an app!
  • They spent a lot of time making that--quite the production and well worth checking out.
  • Silly or not, this kind of magazine has an inordinate amount of shelf space on the store racks. The topics range from iStuff to digital music to web design to whatever enthusigeek topic you can think of. Most all come from the UK, and most are over-priced, given that most all the content can be found free online. But they must be reasonably good sellers, because they keep filling the racks month after month.All in all, it's good that they think WP7 is worth a magazine. It adds a bit more street cred to our favorite mobile OS.
  • Download the PDF version of this magazine from here :