Windows Phone Cameo: Sonic the Hedgehog [Video]

We've had Windows Phone cameo appearances in episodes of Hawaii Five-O, Castle, Human Target and several other television series. Now it appears the Windows Phone product placement may be reaching to video games.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, if you keep Sonic idle for a for a minute he appears to pull out a Windows Phone and begin to listen to the Music Hub.

We've got a full review in the works for Sonic 4 and you can download the game here (opens in new tab) (opens Zune) at the Marketplace to judge for yourself if that's truly a Windows Phone he's using.  But in the meantime, make the jump after the break to view a video clip of this mysterious phone and let us know what you think? Is Sonic a Windows Phone user?

Source: Windowsphonemetro Thanks goes out to Treiz for the tip!

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  • Im betting 99% sure thats its a wp7!!! when he does the Spin you can see the light blue MEtro UI. :PEDIT: its a Samsung Focus ;) lmao!
  • LOL amazing... I love it! He has my phone :)
  • That is totally awesome!!! Yay I'm glad Sonic has jumped on the Windows Phone and not the other **** phones... that's definitely a WP7! :)
  • Well, he does use an iPhone in the iPhone version.
  • ack, rich hog :P
  • Is it a Dell Venue Pro? Oh yeah! I totally see the Live Tiles after the twirl @ 0:18. What I don't get though is how Sonic can run so fast with those tiny little legs.
  • LOL, the original chubby Sonic from the Genesis days had even shorter legs!