A stunning Windows Phone concept: The Surface N

Chinese designer KuanGaa Chen has created something magical, which we somehow missed under our radar. It's a Windows Phone Surface concept, which would be the end result of a Microsoft venture into the mobile space to match its Windows 8 tablets. The video above runs through some of the features of both the hardware and advanced software Chen has managed to pack into the concept.

We've covered numerous concepts before, but this is something else. Probably the more interesting feature is the accent change within Windows Phone reflecting the colour emitted from the sides of the handset itself. We're also sure the transparent screen with Air Holographic projection capabilities would turn some heads.

Source: YouTube, via: MonWindowsPhone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Absolutely beautiful!
  • Too bad it runs WP mango!
  • There is so much Microsoft should pay attention to from this awesome concept. The dynamic liven tiles were brilliant and the app selector was nicely done. And of course the notification center. But of course it's too much to ask for at least a Windows Phone 8 interface.lol Nice though.
  • Agreed, that app menu was fantastic, being able to organise into catagories like that but still keeping categories and apps in each category in alphabetic order...best alternative to folders I've seen so far
  • The power control in the notifications was brilliant too
  • Even the picture hub now shows live information! So many epic goodnesses here software wise not sure about the hardware.
  • So let's wait for the China version of Windows Phone. I think it'll be much cheaper
  • to be honest, lets exclude all the hardware here! I think every aspect of the software changes were incredible! PLEASE Microsoft if you are reading this page, DO THIS!!
    Is there anyway we can create a petition to push Microsoft to implement these ideas?
  • I TOTTALY AGREE. OMGosh i Would LOVE to see this. it would make everyone to say WOW WOW WOW.
  • I'd buy it.
  • Same here; I would buy it right away.
  • I'll upgrade the OS to it instead :P
  • Wow!
  • Just add a little more space for the home, search and back button and I would buy this phone, no questions asked. Love the idea for the app listing. 
  • The app listing is something that should be the easiest to do which makes it all the better. I also like the info center too.
  • this is fuckin amazing! Microsoft have to use the left side on the startscreen like 0:37
  • I will sell all my children for this!
  • lol
  • Hahaha!!!
  • Hahaha LMAO
  • Lmao!!
  • I hope your wife or girlfirend does not see that post :)
    I would never do that for a phone but, I would give up a lot for it !!
  • I say, sell! sell! sell!
  • I'll sell you children for this too lol
  • I'll buy your kids for my factory.
  • "Wow . . . that really escalated quicky" lolol
  • now this is something that I would buy. I love the emotion theme concept. It be cool to have it glow or something.
  • It strikes me that one could work it so the illuminating band would flash (or not) when you got a message or phone call.   Maybe you could assign different colors to different people, so you could even tell who was calling without seeing the screen.
  • That's the one thing I miss about my blackberry.
  • Ah, I've never owned a Blackberry.    So it would flash for phone calls and such?   Could you change colors and assign different colors to different people?
  • It was a app bebuzz. All blackberry's had a led indicator. You could set a color for people, emails, voicemail, texts, missed calls. Basically anything. You could tell any activity on your phone just by the led indicator. It was so cool and the only thing I miss about blackberry.
  • That does sound nice.  My HTC HD7 had a LED indicator, but I think it just showed battery charging.   However I was kind of disapointed that my Lumia 810 has no LED at all.   I wonder if all Lumias lack LED's?
  • The HD7 LED is green when fully charged, orange when low, flashes orange when critically low, and flashes green when you have a missed call.
  • I did not remember about the flashing green when I've missed a call.  Thank you for the reminder.
    The funny thing is I just NOW stopped charging my HTC HD7 when I saw the green light.   I'm preparing to move back to it from my 810.   I wonder why Nokia doesn't use a LED?  I do like knowing that it's finished charging without picking up the phone.
  • Same on my Motorola Atrix and many other Android phones i suppose. The apps use different colors by default, i.e. viber flashes somewhat orange, whatsapp white, sms green. Really retarded of MS to not support LED in WP8.
  • HUH!??   LED's are not supported in Windows Phone 8????       NO Windows Phone 8 has LED's?     That is weird, I hope that is not true.    Why would you remove a feature like that?   Whether or not you use it for notifications or not, having it indicate charging status is handy.     Does anyone have confirmation of that or a link?
    This link seems to imply that some Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices do have LED's
  • My HTC 8X has a notification LED for charging, it also flashes red for low battery and green when you have a missed call
  • No flashes please.  Those are so irritating.  The blinking/flashing is a feature I dislike.  Especially when your phone is blinking all night long because you got a message.  To me that's like the worst feature ever.  But that's just me.
  • Yes, I am not sure how much I would like it.   That would be something I would want to experiment with.   I believe that all functions like that should be able to be configured by the user which is why I said "so the illuminating band would flash (or not)".
  • Im pretty sure it would come with a toggle to switch it on and off...but i like it,cost effective way on charge...
  • Nokia, bring back the 3220!
  • Wow!
  • I love that UI!!
  • I stopped the video after it showed the holograms of the maps and stuff. As cool as it is, most of the tech here hasn't been done well enough for consumers to enjoy. Aside from that, I think it's to thin. I know it'll just end up breaking lol.
  • Looks like WP7.5
  • Omg this is awesome. Hope dreams turn to reality.
  • For me, this certainly crosses the line between "concept," and "pie in the sky dreaming." 
  • Definitely some impossibilities there, but there are also some great concepts that would be implementable now, like the notification center, and app grouping. Hopefully concepts like this get noticed somewhere.
  • microsoft wont ever betray nokia so no chance of this coming soon
  • Then Nokia should build a phone like this or any other OEM, doesn't matter to me which one, I'd buy it.. :P
    Also the way the menu works etc looks really polished.. Microsoft should learn a thing or 2 from that vid.. :-o
  • I believe they will need each other in a good partnership to bring these new ideas forward.. 
  • If Nokia continues to give exclusive phones to only one carrier they need to. Nokia needs to get with the times. Put a flagship out on all carriers all at once. That business model made Samsung #1
  • Shut up and take my money!!
  • I don't like the too rectangular design but everything else looks great. Well, apart from the use of WP7.5 instead of WP8 or WP9.
    And the holographic feature would be awesome. But to me, anything that resembles stuff out of Star Wars is awesome. =P
  • The rectangular design is what makes it gorgeous and sets it apart from Apple and Android. IMHO
  • Now that would kick some ass
    even though most will not be pssible to do like the changing colour of the exterior, thing like theme chooser, notification & quick settings area and app catalogue should already be in the next update.
    it would be a new chapter to build something like this
  • Changing the exterior color is probably possible, but it would require a device with a bunch of LED's around the bezel... Or maybe EL wire, but I don't think they've gotten it to change color...
  • It may not require a bunch of LED'd, maybe just one or two.   I wonder that if you used a LED to illuminate the end of a plastic band, if the plastic band would not light up.    I'm thinking of how fiber optics works, but in fiber optics the intent is no doubt to control the loss of the signal along the length of the fiber.  So I expect that in fiber optics the fiber does not illuminate significantly, however in this use you would want the entire band to illuminate. I am not a materials engineer, I expect someone may be able to weigh in on this.   But my overall impression is that I bet it could be set up without having a ring of LED's around the phone.  
  • Wut.. You lost me when you started talking about fiber optics
  • Basically you shine one light into a glass tube and the whole tube lights up. Wrap the glass tube around the phone, use two or four LEDs and hey presto, glow phone.
  • Just put light into a gorilla glass screen. All the edges would glow but the screen would not transmit the colour. Just needs a bezel of the right angle.
  • That's interesting, I was not thinking of that.   I wonder what the engineering challenges would be.   My first two thoughs are, you may not really want to expose the edge of the screen and I am curious as to where one might introduce the light and if if fact the screen would not transmit the color.
    I bet you are right though and the engineering questions would be surmoutable.
  • Yeah, it will work. My old PC had LED lights (PWR & HDD) that were on the motherboard itself and the case (built specifically for the board) had these 5cm long solid tubes of plastic that sat over the top of them and twisted at weird angles before being displayed on the outside of the case. i.e. The light would shine out the end of the tube. The plastic was transparent and did have a glow to it. It definitely wasn't glass or fibre-optic, but it would still have refractive and internal reflection properties. The problem with turning corners on a phone that the angles need to be correct. I'm sure someone could figure out a nice solution :P
  • I love it except for WP7 interface, keep everything an add the new interface and its perfect for me.
  • Illuminating the end of a piece of Plexiglas would create that glow.
  • Yea it can be done probable with a flexible oled screen and transparent plastic to protect but i guess it will drain the battery to quick.
  • They can use oled to do it I'm sure
  • Stunning.
  • I really hope that the scroll left will be notification centre... Thats very cool
  • I need it
  • this is about as real as the noteslate
  • Nice!
  • AWESOME!!!
    I like the information centre, swipe from left to right at the home screen, very nice!
  • this is what your os needs. it blow ios out of water
  • WP8 as well; and I have a Lumia 920.....
  • please MS buy Nokia and create a phone like this!! no one would buy an iphone if he could have this one!! :) call it surface phone ...
  • 1/2 Now they only need to create the "Surface Phone" :D
    I hope they will still making 4.5" phones, but is good to see that they are making big phablets too.
    Also, they need to end the Exclusives, and release the updates by themselves not by the carriers.
    Windows Phone has a long way to go, but I am already enjoying the beautifull Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8
    Glad to see this kind of projects and concepts for a Windows Phone, It's all about time for we to see this kind of phones in our hands :D
  • That's an awesome, brilliant!
  • Nokia should make this phone for Microsoft and call it the Nokia Surface xxxxx and all will be happy evermore.
  • I WANT IT!
  • Amazing!!!
  • I just want a green or orange Windows Phone. I would be all over that.
  • I would buy green in a heartbeat!
  • I don't want to be snarky but I hope you realize there is no X or Y color here. The implication is that you can pick whatever accent color you want and it will also display around the sides of the phone. So one is not buying a green or orange Windows Phone. You're buying a Windows Phone that can be red today and yellow tomorrow, or maybe even switch colors throughout the day.
  • Just way too Androidy with the notification centre looking etc that way..
  • Hi Jusatin, why do you think the information center is too "androidy"? IMHO I think as long as it swipes left and is a metro interface I love it and think it to be a more original implementation of the information center than the drop downs of IOS and Android, but im curious to your thoughts why :D
  • Many of these concepts may not be that far away. Should be an exciting next few years for Windows Phone, 
    Beautiful job!
  • Yup! I would bet that everything about the concept is possible right now with the exception of the holographic display. That I am not so sure of is possible now.   If the holographic display is possible I would doubt it is mass market capable at this point.
  • Yeah, and complete BS to have a phone that thin that can function as a phone and camera and also magically generate jets of steam to project into.
  • I wasn't even thinking steam because that would be ridiculous. But I can see why you would think that looking at the video and I do see that is in fact a method of doing holograms.   I would hope that would not be the plan, but of all the technology displayed on the video, the holographic display was the most unlikely in my estimation, and so I really can't say I gave it much thought. 
  • WOW
  • Nice
  • The information center when you swipe to the left is genius
  • Shut up and take my money !
  • I'll take one of those any day..
  • Wow! The best WP concept I've ever seen!! I love this and Microsoft needs to get some ideas from it!
  • If this were out now I'd pay 1000 on contract. Too bad tech can't reasonably reach this height quite yet
  • Beautiful. Just Beautiful. I'd buy it, if if it was just smaller. Heck, I'd buy it anyway!
  • Pretty awesome actually, this guy definitely has some design skills. Even though things like holographic projection is way in the future there are some very real concepts here. I see this like concept cars, they come to production with less of the tech they showcased but the progression is there. The app list filtering and organization looks well thought out. MS should hire this guy.
  • Microsoft hire this guy asap!
  • Yes please.
  • and what? You think he can build that?
  • he is just a renderer.
  • anyway. his design ideas (information center, folders etc) are simply awesome! :)
  • I would pay 3 months salery for this! Someone tell Nokia or Micrsosoft to make this!
  • Add some bezel, but otherwise AWESOME!!!
  • Yea, I agree.  I like a thin bezel, but that bezel along the bottom is too thin for me....
  • I saw the video again and cried....
  • It's. B e a utiful!!!!!
  • Um, did no one notice that this phone was running WP 7.5? Pass.
  • So what? It's just a concept, they can put wp8 on there too
  • As much as I support Nokia. This phone is a must buy!
  • Damn. Just take my money.
  • Amazing idea. I could do without the holographic tech to be honest, but everything else borders on perfection. This would destroy the rest of the smartphone market.
  • yep. and then so many developers would create so many windows phone apps just because they want this phone and test their apps on it. :) looking forward to such a great device. also this led thing around the body of the phone is genius design choice and it would turn so many heads in the subway ... :D
  • Why do people spend time on such lame concepts... capacitive buttons are placed extremely dumb? Why?
  • Because it's a concept.
  • Yeah, but if you already am spending the time, then think bigger... think logical, think design... think use.... Do it right!
  • My pants are wet!
  • That was stunning work!!
  • The best part was that notification screen! Amazing!
  • Make the physical buttons larger and we got a deal!
  • It just needs one thing
    If its going to be like the surface. That would be the icing on the delicious cake
  • Sureley - face recognition?
  • http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=XBmtde_XNBs
  • Haha no, face recognition is useless and can be tricked with a photo
  • Personally I just prefer a 4 digit pin but maybe just 1 digit would do. A fingerprint?
  • Thats a lot of work .. But the picture password like that Surface has would be an awesome feature and its unique to W8 --> watch video: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=XBmtde_XNBs
  • I just passed out.... Thus would ELIMINATE the competition. The holographic thing was pie in the sky but everything else was on point.
  • If only!!!
  • The redesign of the app list is brilliant!
  • Wow. That is very impressive. Kudos to the designer.
  • I'd kill to get that slide left for notification center feature!!!!
  • Best tech ever!
  • Moving graphics for live tiles.....
  • Omg omg....can someone like MS and Nokia made this phone a reality plz lol
  • This is a real nice phone concept, perhaps we can expect to start seeing tech like this soon....
  • Some of that stuff is actually practical. Like how the call ended. Or how some of the items on screen move when swiping. Those little things should be added. Of course the holographic stuff and 3d map is a stretch. But hey..whats the point of concepts if you're not stretching a tad. Awesome. Loved it.
  • Nice
  • If not phone bring swipe notifications, new app menu
  • Microsoft needs this type of designers. absolutely beautiful. I guess changing the tile size ( which they added for WP8) was not the problem afterall, look at this georgeos concept which is based on single size tiles, notification system, application grouping  were necessities and the emotion light thing was a really nice addition. the holographic screen was really a pie in the sky but really cool.
    Again Really Really nice concept
  • That would take a lot of mAh... Nuclear powered smartphone, anyone?
  • Id f$$$ that phone
  • Please, can Microsoft hire this guy?
  • The information center and redesigned app list are the most exciting things I took from this. The rest is just fantasy.
  • Just like the tablets inthe Gorilla Glass adverts for the future of windows products. Can anything as fantastic as that ever be available on contract... with Orange...??!! Come on guys youve only got till Nov '14
  • I want!
  • I'd buy that for a dollar hahahahaha
  • now this deserves a Big Fat WOOOOOW !!!!
  • Awsome dude! I want.
  •  I dont think this can be implemented (not in the soon future ar least ) but I like the idea of changing the cover color depending on the theme. This feature can be implemented and it will very nice
  • Gimme!
  • Very cool. Hopefully the notification center will be similar to this.
  • yep. that's the only thing i'm hoping for at the moment. this is an awesome concept but some things are to many years away from now ...
  • I watched this yesterday, sent it to a friend who hates anything that doesn't start with a lower case i. He asked me when its out for sale. Microsoft need to do this phone and implement the software ideas as well.
  • Wow
  • Hire him microsoft
  • wow, look at that information center..very very nice
  • Mind = blown.
  • stunning is a understatement. Just wish this was more of a acutal concept device more than a computer generated.
    Just some of the tech it use is mind blowing...Epic device, no question I want it now !
  • I would sell my soul for this Phone
  • Awesomeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Amazing the time and effort put into this concept. Bravo! Needs WP8 instead of 7.5. The app categories and info center are ideas that MS needs to take a look at.
  • Needs better industrial design, not very usable unless it had onscreen or only gesture based actions. Plus its just a rectangle...no fine detailed touches, as we see in the 920. Really hope it doesn't take Nokia long to bring us that camera tech! And Microsoft better get the notification center together for the next release....they've had enough time, this time!
  • Sexy. I'd buy it.
  • Awesome concept. Kinda makes me miss the old Start screen. Even though it wasn't space efficient.
  • Swiping to the right for notifications is money!!! Make it so Microsoft!!
  • I want it NOW!!!!!
  • I love this concept but I love the OS improvements more. They can add some of that stuff like the animated Xbox live tile, notification center, app list organization, and them color pallet and I'll be so happy. Also the UI motions and animations look sick. Microsoft please take note. And Nokia please make a 6 inch high end Lumia or at least 5.5 inches
  • Sexy..
  • The app list idea is amazing, Look screen is beautiful ... just need more apps to be presented. the new way of LIVE tiles is really LIVE now ... this is gorgeous 
    the notification center idea is nice, i can see weather and notifications in a simple way.
    id love to buy something like this ... and hope to see some of it on my 8x.
    PS : please pleaes bring this calling screen to windows phone 8.1 please... its way better than what we got now.
  • I like how different screens were utilized. Now that is how they should implement their notification screen. Plus the way they sorted through the apps was pretty amazing. The hardware is something that is too imaginative but cool to look at.
  • I've been recently wondering about lights around phones. It's been pretty much gone since the Nokia 3220...
  • That notification center! There needs to be more room for the back, home and search buttons. Light band would certainly cut into the battery and structural integrity of such a thin device, but generally speaking very awesome.
  • Heck yes
  • If you make it, We will buy
  • Every software enhancement this guy rendered Microsoft can, should, and better implement in current WP8 devices, using grouping titles similar to W8 titles in the app list genius, and as long as the information hub is absolutely metro it isn't android like at all
  • Yup. I would like to see all of that. I am not so sure that MS is that quick, so I don't know if we will get it by the end of the year, but one can hope.
  • Damn, I think the left side is the obvious place for a notification center. But I wonder how would one use the notification center while in a app? I am not honestly a big fan of the drop down notification like android or IOS have it.
  • Badass phone
  • That is sweet, love the lit edges, almost florescent like but why put all that energy towards a concept. Just for shits and giggles or is there a purpose behind this.
  • People always making ideas to bad companies don't pick them up
  • Would buy in a heart beat. Stunning design for both hardware and software. Absolutely loved left screen design and layout(hint,hint MS). The emotion theme is a cool idea but it would make a better notification light. Come on MS / Nokia. Make it happen, i am sure every1 here would buy it.
  • Pretty easy to make a great concept when you completely throw out the constraints of what's technically feasible. Most of what's shown here has never been shown to be possible in even the most rough concept form. Hell, I'd like a phone that transforms into a f-16 fighter jet but that I can roll up and wear as a smartring. That would be a pretty awesome concept too.
  • I think you are wrong here. I bet with the exception of the holographic display that EVERY aspect of that phone is possible right now. Oh yea, I think they also described the screen as 4k. I am not quite sure that is ready for prime time on a phone yet.
  • Yea transparent screen it's called glass LOL
  • duh!   I don't know if you are trying to be clever, but your comment just seems stupid.  I am not calling into question the concept of glass, I am simply stating that I am unware of any screen as small as a phone that can display a 4k image.   Phones have only recently been released with a more or less 2k resolution. Why don't you look it up before you drool all over the forum.  
  • I think I've watched this video about 10 times and everytime I'm amazed at how much thought and execution went into designing the various elements. It goes beyond anything Microsoft is doing, promotes the Windows Phone UI into a whole new unrivaled class and addresses quite beautifully every concern and issue we've been bitching about and whining for. This is a slam dunk design and effort. Microsoft or Nokia needs to really hire thus guy. He is on point.
  • Totally agreed.
    And MS definitely needs to get this guy on their team, because of something called TALENT.
  • Wow this is awesome I live it
  • Stunning.
    Please let it be this Nokia is announcing next week. :)
    Also, love the grouping function on the app menu, kinda mimics the Win8 start screen.
  • This is really amazing. It would cost $1000 of course, but I'd find a way to get one. Some of the UI features are definitely needed right now. Hope Microsoft fixes multi-tasking, the app menu and adds a notification center on the next version; I would prefer it on the next update!
  • *Throws credit card at monitor!!*  :(
    *Throws cash at monitor!!*  :(
    WTF???? I said I was Nokia for life, but if MS does come out with a device like this, then all bets are off. Or maybe do like someone else said, Nokia build the device for MS and call it the Nokia Surface Phone!
  • Now I wouldn't mind a phone running windows (or anything for the matter) if that was the hardware!! Why on earth don't we have awesome devices like this in production yet
  • Cute light
  • The transitions and some of the builtin apps/hubs were very nice.
  • Lets face it...If there is a company wich could realise this, than it is Apple.
  • This is beyond anything apple is doing.
  • Yeah right. Apple hasn't done anything interesting in 3-4 years. They just keep trundling out a lighter, thinner version of the same phone. The iPhone 4 was somewhat interesting design-wise although easily broken. The iPhone 5 is just bigger, took out the smashable back-glass and can get scratched like a bastard.
  • They stopped at the iPod.
  • Keep dreaming, I'm still more interested in the Nokia 888 concept and that was years ago......
  • Make it happen!
  • Looks pretty amazing. I particularly love how smooth the UI looks, it makes me feel like I did when I first picked up a WP.
    As far as practicality goes there were two things that caught my attention. The idea for groups in the app list is far better than tile groups, and having the shortcuts on the left to each group is a great idea. I really hope we see this in 8.1. The other thing was the notification centre. It was very nicely designed but I still think pull-down is the way to go because it gives rapid access without leaving the app you are in. In my mind it would be like the windows 8 charms bar, but coming down from the top, and would have quick settings, notifications and sharing tabs.
  • This blew my mind!
  • Impressive.  Waporware, but impressive nonetheless.  
    I love these concept videos. Its a geek thing.
  • Fantastic!
  • Amazing phone, I'd love to see something alike from an OEM soon...
  • There's concept then there's just impossible which a lot of this crosses. A 4k screen screen at a mobile size won't be seen for years yet to then be transparent ignores everything such as battery and the internals and even the cameras itself would all need to be transparent. The device itself doesn't even look like it'd be comfortable to hold with such a thin bezel on all sides.
  • Wow... Just wow.
  • I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you gave that Surface N phone to me, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.
  • Halographic screen LOL Transparent screen  LOL
  • That looks pretty fucken mad. Like the OS ideas. That phone would need to be considerably thicker to hold a battery that would power those extra features all day though.
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!
  • I want I want I want....
  • My god I want that. Even without the holographic thing.
  • Did Tony Stark make this phone?
  • WOW..MS needs to hire this guy.. That was truly amazing!
  • Beautifully stunning!!!
  • Nice idea but why it isn't running Windows Phone 8 :D
  • i think that would be the smallest problem for getting this thing into stores ;)
  • This was almost porn. One day, maybe, one day.
  • This is NOT a concept; it's pure fantasy.  Don't mess with the software.  Let the Windows Phone guys handle that. Transparent screens are just ridiculous.  Making the back, home and search button that small will drive some people mad. There is one thing here that would be a killer feature; the emotion theme aka border color.  The Nokia guys got it right when they gave the Windows Phone devices COLOR.  Having a phone border that can light up and change color would be awesome.  Yes, that could be a battery drainer, but how awesome I'd look at night time ;)
  • Would be pretty cool for microsoft to go back towards aero again the whole solid color thing seems like a step back towards xp 
  • takemymoney.jpg
  • I cant stop watching this video... Its a work of art. I know the holographics is real concept stuff but the OS could be done. I hope MS/Nokia are paying attention and thinking about how to implement these changes.
  • Yes, but does it have Instagram? :-P
  • Made me lol.
  • Awesome! The best bit would be organising the apps, and of course the so-called "information centre"! Like it! Here' a tip for you MS & Co!
  • Maybe by the time Windows Phone 10 comes along, We could Have a Phone like this on the Market!
  • I will get it for sure!
  • Frigging gorgeous.....
  • Holograph and hardware aside... just look at the software improvements. Those animations are addicting (e.g. sliding to unlock, tapping a switch in the Information Center creates that awesome light pulsation). This software idea should definitely be taken seriously. But I mean... who doesn't say that about a concept video?
    Oh well.
  • Gorgeous. Im feeling the color matching border. Good work Chinese dude lol
  • Apple must have seen this video - that explains the recent hints that iOS needs to be completely rethought... flater like WP8.  Something like this scares the poop out of them.
    Microsoft - get this visionary on payroll NOW - before Tim Cook does.
  • oh god grow up. One beautiful thing doesn't make other beautiful things less beautiful. If you know what i mean. I like WP like you, but stop being a blind, stupid fanboy will you?
  • Not sure what happend to my reply - I'll try again.
    Here is the proof of what I am saying:  http://allthingsd.com/20130501/apples-ios-7-team-in-deadline-crunch-mode-adding-engineers/?KEYWORDS=iOS+7
    Clearly, Apple is moving in the direction of a flat interface, like WP8.  They see the attraction of this.  Glad MSFT got the jump on them, but they need to stay ahead.
  • shut up and take my money
  • Freakin awesome!
  • Brilliant!!! :) somebody show this to Microsoft!! :D
  • For the love of Zeus! I need some tissue.
  • Woah..!!! I absolutely love it..!! I know some of it is such that we might not see it for another decade or so (read: properly working holograms.lol..) but the information center is an absolute delight and in my knowledge, its something thats not very difficult to implement, is it..??
  • Microsoft needs to do this asap.. They have the basics right.. Nice fluid interface..now just polish it already..a notification center..much lively live tiles..and a decent post image capture processing software..it'd be great if they could make the OS a bit more efficient on 3g. I am really disappointed at the battery life of my Lumia 920 on 3g.. :'(
  • I knew I avoided this article for good reason; it was bleh, but everyone gushed over it. The only good concept I saw was the emotion theme, even though it would probably not be battery friendly to have always on and, yet, extremely gimmicky if it weren't always on.
    The app list doesn't need a way to organize it into sections. You have a start screen where you can organize your most used apps already.
    That info center did indeed look like Android and iOS. Why do you need weather information there when live tiles are supposed to give such info? And the mini music player already comes down with the volume. Even though I think a notification list is redundant, cluttering one up with even more redundance... 2 wrongs don't make a right.
    Transparent screen and holographic display... Why doesn't it fly also? Bluetooth teleportation? Seriously. What is this I don't even. I'm not even sure the camera tech was plausible. I'd think being able to choose a focus after a shot would require taking multiple shots that each focus on a section until the user decides where they want to focus, but I'd also think that'd lower the quality of the photo and/or make the user try to keep the camera still while the multiple shots are taken.
    Sup, parade. Here's my raincloud. :P
  • You are incorrect about the camera technology.  Light field cameras exist now - Bing them and read up on it.
  • Ok, so Nokia is apparently working on one for 2014. However, I wasn't really incorrect. Multiple shots are being taken and the image quality is reduced as a result (as well as a larger file being created to store the "hidden" information). The only thing I was off about was the use of an array of micro lenses, instead of just one high-quality lens. Also, technically, I'd still question the plausibility of the light-field camera with that much quality and all the other tech being crammed into such a thin phone.
  • Agreed - the notion that so many goodies could be squeezed into a form factor thinner than any current phone alone seems a stretch, but not beyond the pale given the rapid pace of miniaturization. I think all people are saying here is the overall design language seen in this concept is a world-beater.  Notice nobody commented that they "had to have" that holographic display - people understand that is a pure "what-if."  The aesthetic of a polished slab of glass with the glowing bezel is certainly doable right now.  The enhanced OS with grouped apps, notification center,  and more refined, textured tiles is certainly doable right now.  The light field camera is almost doable now. If MSFT and Nokia teamed up to put this phone on the market, I have no doubt they could turn out 90% of what people are lusting over in a very short turn-around period.  That might go a ways towards taking a lot of the wind out of iOS 7's sails when it launches.   If MSFT doesn't move first, we know Apple will.
  • ms cant do this :)
  • Where do I send my money to, Kickstarter?
  • I sure hope Microsoft takes a hint from this guy's design :)
  • especially from the information center! it's really awesome.
  • That's very beautiful!
  • Seriously the Notification center and the grouped app list is awesome!
    Holographics are a little too SciFi right now but Microsoft should use some of the interface stuff. 
  • shut up and take my money ;)
  • I'm broke. Trying to save for a w8 tablet.
  • A surface phone shouldn't be too hard to design. 1. Start with a Zune HD, up it to a 4.3 inch screen with phone guts 2. add WP8 3. Take my money.
  • Would definitely get that phone...
  • I've tipped you guys a month ago.
  • ok microsoft! know i want:
    -swipe right: info center
    -swipe left: menu like in video
    -user can select any colour he wants just like in video
    -new fancy animitons just like in video
    that's it :)
  • Beautiful... Except The touch buttons...
  • Tweet Joe B. This video.
  • I sended this video to him over Facebook....
    i want that notification center and that app list!
  • This should be the phone that's coming out on Christmas.   It would blow the doors off anything out there.   If they come out with this phone make sure it's on all carriers.
  • Sometimes I wonder if MS pays attention to these kinds of things.
  • Awesome
  • Don't really care about the hardware stuff, it's all vaporware that frankly wouldn't add any value. The zero bezel design would be SO annoying to hold and use and the thickness would mean no battery, crappy camera and fragile as heck. 
      The software concepts are amazing!!!!!
    I want that information center so bad it hurts. It's just perfect and it solves every one of my gripes about living with WP8.   It has a notification center, it gets the media controls out of my way when I'm listing to music and trying to open an app, it gives me a place to turn my radios on and off quickly, it is SO good. The weather is a nice addition, but that I don't mind leaving to the live tile. 
    The app switcher is excellent and I really like how it groups apps and gives you the quick jump at the left side. This could also toggle to quick jump by group and by alphabet so you don't have to pull up a totally new screen for the alphabet. You could also come up with a nice way to have your hubs reflected here too. 
    The theme picker is a no-brainer too, no idea why MS hasn't gotten this in their yet either. Give me chocies please, MS. This implementation is basically perfect. 
    Microsoft makes me so angry sometimes, these problems are not hard to solve as demonstrated in this concept. 
    PS: I know this is a cheap shot, but the concept wins solely because it has Zune and not a broken Xbox "Music" app. Good grief, what a disaster. 
  • This is amazing! If they made a phone this amazing noone could resist. If the price was reasonable of course :)
  • Surface 'N'...
    N... What else! ;)
  •  All I can say is DAMN! I really hope that Microsoft/Nokia/etc. incorporate some of the ideas shown in this person's concept or just hire them to work on the WP team. I would break my contract to get that phone. 
  • Now that's pretty cool. Hope it comes soon.
  • What a joke, how is a phone that can't even address the fact that It can't even let you add you own SMS\MMS in this day in age ever going to do this. This made me laugh so hard lol... ha ha ha ha... Looks like this was made back when Mango was still around.
  • The operating system might not be up to date but they really took the ideas to a new level. The tiles feel actually live now. The animation and videos really bring it to life. The organization of apps is much better and even within the music app it's more organized then what windows phone 8 currently has. 
  • Samsung is going to see those concepts and run with them for Android. I would really hate to see that.
  • much more innovative than we have today!
    but, some will have their way through, so I'll keep looking forward to it ;)
  • This. Is. SICK!!!!! Watch out iOS / Android....
  • i've watched it 5-10 times in like 10 mins... lol just WOW.
  • makes the upcoming L925 look like shit beyond comparison lmfao............. smh
  • that is so fckn gorgeous *.*
  • WOW!!!!!
    MS WinPhone8 will go a loooong way if they remotely try to attempt anything like this.. but I bet you Apple or even Samsung might beat them to it...
  • HOT!
  • Oh sure they can! But they wont :(
  • Of course it looks beautiful and high tech, it is impossibly thin.  If a working prototype could be made it would have no battery in it at the least.
  • Impossibly thin phone not thick enough for headphone jack = fail.  Not thick enough for battery either probably.
    I Lov It............
  • If MS could bring this into production, I think not only will it be a game changer but also push MS straight to the front in terms of design, not necessarily market share, but I bet a lot of people would migrate across just for the experience. I am a bit of a stingy b*stard but I would happily pay to own that type of phone. 
  • love it and hoe Zune was on there wow that blew me aways LOVED IT can't wait now 
  • absolutely beautifoul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is mind boggling... 
  • Did you see that the guy used WP7-like interface to make the demo? As an example 0:48 shows two columns of icons (like in 7.5) and the black column on the right of them. May be this video is old. I don't know.
  • That is some cool hardware and software shit! Its the FUTURE! 
  • this was awesome. absolute classic piece of imagination. some of the features are to be included in 8.1 though. i think somebody from MSFT has seen this video and then took these features in programming such as the paralax, info centre and calling screen.  
  • GREAT concept !!!!!
  • Some things are very unrealistic. Everything transparent and the holographic display is not possible in this form. But I really like the design of the app and pulldown menus. 
  • I just dies and went to heaven, i just wish it was on the market NOW. I would be waitting in from of the store for weeks(like those brainless iSHEEP), to get my hands on this creative device. i really wish, someone at MS seen this video and took some notes. IT CAN BE DONE MS. look what you have done with Surface Pro 3. this would put iPOOP in landfield with POOPIE diapers,..........where it belongs. 
  • Now I would buy that windows phone in a heartbeat! Stunning, nothing like it on the market that I know of. Microsoft should buy this design and run with it!