Windows Phone Dev Center now automatically encrypts all apps to prevent piracy

Software piracy is a serious battle, which can also affect our beloved platform developers. Microsoft has taken action by automatically applying encryption to all apps through the newly unveiled Dev Center. According to a detailed post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Todd Brix states that all apps (including those already submitted) are automatically encrypted without user input.

We first heard about the possibility of server-side encryption back in November, 2011. From our understanding, Microsoft was waiting until everyone was on Mango to implement that feature and it now looks to have happened. If you recall, at the end of April Microsoft decreed that you had to have Windows Phone 7.5 to get to the Marketplace. Combined with the Dev Center refresh, we think that transition for encryption is now complete.

The software giant has been cracking down on Windows Phone app piracy by making it harder for devices to be unlocked and removing the Marketplace from Zune PC software. This would surely slow down those who desire to steal work and make it freely available, but we're hoping this app encryption will help strengthen the blockade against attacks.

It will be warmly welcomed by developers who have poured not only funds and resources, but time and effort into their projects. This will in-turn benefit consumers with more apps being released through more potential sales carried out and a stronger ROI for content providers. Here's hoping anyway.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog; via: Windows Phone Daily

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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