Windows Phone fans rejoice! You can finally earn Xbox achievements again.

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What you need to know

  • Xbox achievements appear to be working again on the Windows Phone platform.
  • A syncing issue broke achievements from Windows Phones for over a year.
  • Over 200 achievements were unlocked in a day, which isn't bad for a dead platform.

We don't often get a chance to cover Windows Phone news these days. That's mostly because the platform is dead and has been for years, but that doesn't mean it's forgotten! If you're still rocking a Windows Phone, you can finally earn Xbox achievements again.

A report by TrueAchievements points out that several Windows Phone users have been able to earn achievements on their older devices recently. Xbox Achievements on Windows Phones stopped over a year ago due to a syncing issue, but that bug appears to be fixed.

The unlock data for achievements on Windows Phones shows a long strain of no achievements being unlocked, followed by a couple of blips starting on March 8, 2021. Then, around 200 achievements were unlocked from Windows Phones on March 16, 2021. That's not bad for a dead platform.

Windows Phone Xbox Achievements

Source: TrueAchievements (Image credit: Source: TrueAchievements)

It's hard to say how many people this bug fix affects, but the data shows that achievements are being unlocked on around 15 different games on the Windows Phone platform.

Some people in a TrueAchievements forum had achievement sync from all the way back in November.

TrueAchievements reached out to Microsoft to see if this is a permanent fix for the syncing issue but hasn't heard back at this time.

If you're using a Windows Phone to unlock Xbox achievements, let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear which games you're enjoying on your vintage device.

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  • The two games I mostly played for awhile were dredd vs zombies and hungry shark on my 950 XL. Right now, that phone is soley used as an email and audible device. The email experience and office until recently for me is subpar on Android. The office hub app as fixed many of my gripes but the email experience is still pretty poor. Still prefer the convenience of different tiles per account.
  • I loved the way e-mail worked on my Windows phone. Being able to pin specific folders to my home screen and assigning a unique sound so I would know who or what group I was getting an email from was so incredibly useful. I knew if I should look immediately or if it could wait.
    Also being able to go directly to that folder from my home screen was nice. oh and yes, live tiles so I could read part of the email without even having to open it. Maybe MS's new slogan should be; "So much potential. So much waste. "
  • Please bring back windows phone. 8 In particular I am so sick of Android and iOS
  • Have you considered Surface Duo? This is Windows Phone now. The Windows Phone platform isn't going to return.
  • Uhh, no. This is Android with minimal MS skin. Yes I have one, but don't even suggest it is a replacement/suitable sub for Windows Phone.
  • Well, in many ways it's much more exciting and compelling than Windows Phone, with its 2 screens and 360 degree hinge. But, yes, in other ways, it still lacks the things that made Windows Phone wonderful.
  • Meh to Windows Phone. Only the cameras were better. Android is pretty good these days. Love my Duo
  • I miss this OS
  • Doesn't seem to retroactively pop, at least for WP7-era games like Tetris running on Windows 10 Mobile phones. I re-set the game but when I logged back in, it still showed the only 2 achievements I unlocked as unlocked still in the game but nowhere to be found on my Xbox profile. I tried earning one of them again, but that didn't matter.
  • Old Xbox games + their achievements will not be displayed in all newer Xbox apps including console companion.
    But after unlocking an achievement in those games, the gamerscore will be increased
    Xbox one smartglass app for W10M (originally WP8.1), that is still available in store can display those old app achievements
    In PC, you can use PC version of Smartglass app to track the old WP7/8/8.1 games achievements.
  • Must be by chance than deliberate.
  • Most likely inadvertant, on the XBox side. I find it hard to believe anyone at MS is intentionally fixing things in Windows Phone.
  • In b4 20H2 update on WM10 devices
  • It wouldn't take much for me to break out my WP again. This is good news.
  • I booted up two of my old phones (928 and Icon) in an attempt to try this out. Half of my old games won't even get past the splash screen.
  • I love that there are still people using Windows Phone - even if it is a lost cause.
    If ONLY we could have gotten the apps.... :(