Windows Phone featured in Havana Brown's new music video

Confession: We have no idea who Havana Brown is, mostly because we're old and listen to punk. Still, that doesn't mean we can't be a little excited to see some obvious but schweet product placement, namely our prized Windows Phone, in a video by Ms. Brown who we're told is an "Australian DJ".

Her new video, 'We Run the Night' features a unidentified Windows Phone at the beginning for some serious screen time and a focus on Xbox LIVE, some texting and Facebook action. Skip to 0:13 and go up through 0:32 for the main scene. Stay for the dance song, if that's your thing (2nd confession: we love cheesy dance music). Anyways, this kind of exposure is always good to see.

Thanks, Danny A., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Looks like she'll have a profitable future. Will buy stock.
  • I can't decide if I should make a Joke about Bane from batman, or the gimp from Pulp Fiction.
  • Hey people you can find her XBOX LIVE account and send her a friend request. If you notice in the video her user name is "Havana Brown1". I sent her a friend request so lets see if she replies.
  • Reminds me when Dreamcast was featured in a Janet Jackson video.
  • This music video brought to you by Microsoft. OOMSS! OOMSS! OOMSS! OOMSS!
  • Love it! Thats how it all begins... from UnderGround! GO WP7..!oh and GO Havana Brown...
  • > (2nd confession: we love cheesy dance music)Seriously, who doesn't like some cheesy dance music now and then?Pretty sure the phone is an HTC model, one with a 4.3" screen0:13 Reflective gleam from the kickstand. Back appears to have the HTC curve0:14 Below the trio of buttons appears to be the microphone grillOddly, when the phone drops (0:32) it's not a Windows Phone. At least the girl has enough sense to toss a phone with a subpar OS. ;) (Fanbois, please, don't even start...)
  • She's hot, and she uses a WP7. The music is irrelevant.
  • I heard the song first then randomly checked out the music video and when I saw the beginning with Windows Phone 7 it brought a bigger smile!So I just had to share it with you guys and everyone else!
  • The video reminds me of early Paula Abdul, the tune is catchy enough, but her dance moves need a LOT of work. Looks like she's trying to steal from Lady Gaga. She is way hotter than Gaga, but not quite **** enough.Another fine product placement by Microsoft...