Windows Phone game roundup: Occassional Gamer

Occasional Gamer developer Elbert Perez recently released his latest Windows Phone game, Air Dagger, over at the Marketplace. Perez has released thirteen games over at the Marketplace and they all have experienced some level of success.

With thirteen titles under his belt, there's simply not enough room above the fold to list them all.  So, to see Occasional Gamer's Windows Phone gaming portfolio, ease on past the break.

Note: Marketplace links open your Zune desktop

Armored Drive: Reminiscent of the popular arcade game Spy Hunter, Armored Drive has you assuming the role of "spy car test driver". Maneuver your spy car down the road, avoiding enemy agents, purchase upgrades and avoid civilian casualties.  Here's our Armored Drive Review and the Marketplace link.

Impossible Shoota: Pilot your starship in a mission against the Sho-dan armada. This is a fast pace, space combat game that throws everything at you but the kitchen sink.  Here's our Impossible Shoota Review and the Marketplace link.

Traffic Cop: Every want to control traffic at a busy intersection? Now's your chance. Traffic Cop has you control traffic flow with the Traffic Eliminator 3000 that gives you control over vehicles brakes and throttle. Speed traffic up or slow it down to avoid traffic accidents.  Here's our Traffic Cop Review and the Marketplace link.

Scribble Defense+: You are the Scribble Meister and the only line of defense for the Scribbles against the vicious Scrawls. Build destructive towers to protect against the devastating enemies in this mult-level game.  You can find Scribble Defense+ at this Marketplace link.

Zombidemix+: You play the hero in this "zombies are taking over the world" type game. You control three hero units to combat the invasion of the undead with the ultimate goal of eradicating the living dead.  You can find Zombidemix+ at this Marketplace link.

Quadra: A futuristic shooter where you are the last surviving pure CPU where you must defeat the corruption of the Veil.  You can find Quadra at this Marketplace link.

Nom Nom Worm: Nom Nom is hungry worm and it's your job to feed Nom Nom by guiding him around the screen where he can gobble up dinner. Puffers, however, are also in the feeding grounds that you have to avoid.  Nom Nom Worm can be downloaded at this Marketplace link.

Steam Castle: Steam Castle reminded me of the old arcade game Missile Command but with a bit of an edge. Defend your steam castle from the relentless Mechanitrons and their aerial attacks.  Here's our Steam Castle Review and the Marketplace link.

Fishing Girl: While it may not qualify for the BASS Masters tournament, Fishing Girl is what it is. A relaxing fishing game where you try to catch various fish as well as rid the sea from pollution. A sporting game with an ecological twist.  Fishing Girl can be downloaded at this Marketplace link.

Blackboard Gems: In the spirit of Bejeweled, Blackboard Gems has you swap gems around to create combinations of three or greater of the same styled gem. Blackboard Gems has two game modes. One where you play at your leisure, another that pits you against the clock.  You can find Blackboard Gems at this Marketplace link.

Microchip Rush: Microchips is a "mine sweeper meets bubble burst" styled game where you have to tap on similarly styled microchips to collect them while avoiding the mines. Chips are replenished horizontally and you try to collect as many chips as possible before time runs out.  Microchips can be downloaded at this Marketplace link.

Word Punk: As you can imagine, Word Punk is a word game. Type out as many words as possible from the 5x5 grid of letter keys before time runs out. The letters don't have to be adjacent to one another but the word has to be spelled correctly.  Word Punk can be downloaded at this Marketplace link.

Air Dagger: The most recent game released by Occassional Gamer that brings a little air combat into the mix. You fly for one of three alliances and work your way through enemy ships over multiple levels.  Here's our Air Dagger Review and the Marketplace link.

Occasional Gamer's first Windows Phone 7 game was released back in November of 2010 and each title has enjoyed some measure of success on the Marketplace. It will be interesting to see what new games will hit the Marketplace from Occasional Gamer in the future. If Air Dagger is any indication, the hits will keep on coming. 

What do you think?  This time next year Elbert Perez will be releasing his 26th game title?

George Ponder

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