Windows Phone Geek announces developer competition in partnership with Nokia

Nokia has already released two new Windows Phones, the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. To celebrate the new Windows Phone 8 hardware, the Finnish manufacturer has teamed up with Windows Phone Geek, a developer resource we've covered many times here on Windows Phone Central, to offer a unique opportunity for developers.

Three challenges are open to developers worldwide who submit a new or significantly updated app to the Windows Phone Store between November 13th and January 8th, 2013. Entries will then be judged and the winning apps will earn authors exciting rewards.

As mentioned above, there are three challenges: "Ultimate Lumia Geek", "Best Lumia Technology Showcase?", and "People's Choice Award." All entries will automatically be entered for each category. So what's on offer should you decide to enter into the challenge?

Ultimate Lumia Geek

The Ultimate Lumia Geek category sports three prizes available to those who come 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Submitted apps will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Quality and functionality
  • Usability and creativity
  • Uniqueness, novelty value and innovation
  • Commercial viability

This is what you could win if you're crowned the Ultimate Lumia Geek (or 2nd, 3rd):

Best Lumia Technology Showcase?

This category will see a single prize be handed out to the winner who can best make use of Lumia features. Whether it be ingeniously deploying the camera and images, NFC, Nokia Maps or even Nokai Music, the Best Lumia Technology Showcase will be dished out to whoever can create a flawless experience using Nokia's hardware / software.

The prize on offer is as follows:

  • App Demo @ WIPJam @ MWC
  • Customised Nokia Lumia Device & Nokia Gear
  • $200 ad credit on Nokia’s Ad Exchange (NAX)
  • 1 Year Free Subscription to Nokia’s Premium Developer Program (NPDP)

People's Choice Award

Finally, the People's Choice Award will go to whoever can accumulate the most number of votes from participating visitors checking over competition entries. Developers who create a quality experience will attract the most attention, which will convert into a high number of votes. The prize for 1st place is as follows:

  • Nokia Lumia Device & Gear
  • $50 ad credit on Nokia’s Ad Exchange (NAX)
  • 1 Year Free Subscription to Nokia’s Premium Developer Program (NPDP)

Not bad eh? Be sure to head on over to Windows Phone Geek to read through the submission terms and submit your app! Good luck to all who enter.

Source: Windows Phone Geek

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