Windows Phone launches Business Hub, an online portal for IT pros

Windows Phone has always had the foundation to excel in every market. For example, with Xbox on board it could be the killer mobile gaming device – once they work out a few kinks. Same could be said for business, every device has the best Office experience built-in, but it’s not exactly taking over the corporate world by storm yet.

It’s not that the platform doesn’t have the chops, it could just be a lack of communication about what it can do. So Microsoft has gone and set up the Windows Phone business hub ( – a place where you can learn all about business features of the operating system.

The business hub is meant to be a place where IT professionals can stay up to date and learn technical information on Windows Phone. Stuff that probably might be a bit too technical for most of us, but I’m sure there is a few of you out there that will find this invaluable.

Right off the bat, you can learn about:

  • Outlook, Lync and other Office mobile apps - With familiar Office Mobile apps built-in, Windows Phone offers everything you need to get up and running right out of the box.
  • Office 365, SharePoint, and Exchange - Collaborate and keep connected to important information while on the move. Download Office documents from SharePoint or Office 365.
  • Windows Phone security and encryption - Robust security to help protect your business information and guard against malware.
  • Windows Phone and app management - Rich phone management capabilities make it easy to integrate Windows Phone into your Windows infrastructure.
  • Line of business apps and Company Hubs - LOB apps are under your control. You can develop, package, sign, distribute, and maintain your apps end-to-end.

Any of you folks working for the man happy with your Windows Phone in the corporate world? If you read the comments of any business post on Windows Phone Central you’ll be sure to find at least ten comments shouting “VPN! VPN!” The good news is that VPN support is rumored to be coming with the Apollo + update to Windows Phone 8.  

Back on point, the business hub will have new topics over the coming months as it covers topics that you IT pros will find interesting.

Source: Windows Phone Blog                                                                     

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