Windows Phone launches in Kuwait, seemingly sells well

With the continued push by Microsoft into old and new markets for the combo of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, it’s nice to see one country get some attention too: Kuwait.

Reader of the site Mansoor B, who resides there, has sent us his report of the launch occurring this last week. Although the main focus was Windows 8 in the mall kiosk (which has a prime spot right in the middle of the place), Windows Phone 8 was represented too specifically with the Lumia 820 and 920.

The bad news is like most places around the world, actually being able to buy the Lumia 920 is a challenge with stock being very low at all locations. On the upswing, as Mansoor reminds us Windows Phone hasn’t had really any attention in Kuwait since 2010. Contrast that to having numerous roadside billboards advertising the 920, electronic shops selling the new phones and that kiosk at the Avenues mall and things are looking much better for Kuwaitis this time.

"...I have been to all main electronic retails and they don't have Nokia Lumia 920 in stock although Nokia Lumia 820 was available. [the] Wireless charging pad with Fatboy wireless chargers were available. I had to wait till Dec 8th where it arrived and was delivered to my place because i have preordered the phone. Of course, last week when the event opened, ads for the Nokia Lumia 920 were all over the streets as I was driving (picture attached) which shocked me since there hasn't been any windows phone ads in Kuwait ever since its release back in 2010! I am glad windows phone 8 is being available in Kuwait with many starting to acknowledge about windows phone 8 and many now are ordering it. Also, The HTC 8x is now displayed as coming soon!One last things, the moment preorders were taken back in November 26 in Kuwait, immediately the next day preorders were out and no one could preorder because the orders for Nokia 920 was big although the availability for 820 was available all day, all week! "

We’re told that the Nokia Lumia 920 prices at 190KD (674$) and the Nokia Lumia 820 145KD (514$). Both are factory unlocked allowing them to work on any carrier. The HTC 8X is reported as “coming soon” as well.

Thanks, Mansoor, for the report!

Daniel Rubino

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