PocketLint is reporting that "multiple trusted sources" have confirmed that Mango will begin rolling out on September 1.  This is a bit earlier than initial reports of a Fall release and well short of Steve Ballmer's claim that it will arrive for Christmas, denoting the shopping season.  PocketLint says the timing was chosen to coincide with the IFA consumer electronics extravaganza in Berlin, which is slated for September 2-7. 

This would be a great stage for some of the big WP7 manufacturers, like Samsung, LG, and HTC to show off their new goods heading into the holiday season.  However, the highly-anticipated line of Nokia WP7 devices is not expected to be introduced until the Nokia World conference in October.  The build-up to Mango has been rife with talk of mystery devices and rumored sightings, so take this one with a grain of salt as well.

It also raises a lot of questions. Like what about carrier approval? On what devices? What countries? Are these upgrades too? Etc. So for now, we'll be a little cautious as we're not expecting a unified, global launch.

Source: PocketLint