Windows Phone Mango update status

Eric Hautala returns on the Windows Phone blog with a big thanks to the community for the eagerness, patience and loyalty shown throughout the release of Mango (opens in new tab). The updates that have been carried out thus far have all be successful and the team has decided to open up Mango to 50% of users ahead of schedule.

Remember that if you'd rather not wait, we have a quick guide to force Mango on your handset (opens in new tab).

Source: Windows Phone blog (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • *This* is how you roll out an update!
  • Not part of the lucky 50% :( Oh well, I'll continue to wait :)
  • Looks like I was actually part of the lucky 50!!! Got Mango installed and it's beautiful!!! It feels like a new phone :P
  • same here, not lucky
  • You all should force the update its easy and takes about 1 hr. Why wait? I did it. And its pretty nice.
  • Mango is so September. I wanna know what's next! Feed me.
  • Had mango since day one of the rollout (yea I forced it) and its awesome!!!
  • If you're savvy enough to be following a forum like this, why haven't you forced the update yet?? From what I can tell, it poses no risks. I did it and am glad I did.I'd really like to know how many (%) users have forced the update, ahead of schedule. I wonder if they have that data. ?