The WPCentral Mango Day Summary

Has it not been one of the most hectic days of the calendar year in the Windows Phone community? We've had a massive amount of news to get through today including the launch of the web Marketplace and the rollout of Mango - first the US (opens in new tab) and then Internationally (opens in new tab). We've also had a superb option to force the Mango update (opens in new tab) for many who simply can't wait. Also, before we crack on with the summary, be sure to note that the WPCentral app has been mango'd.

Want to try out some other Mango-fied apps? See our growing best-of list right here.

So who's onboard with the update thus far carrier-wise? Almost every operator is rolling out the update including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three, SFR and many more (let's not forget unlocked handsets). However, there are a few that aren't up-to-scratch (according to Where's My Update? (opens in new tab)):

  • SFR is not updating the Samsung Omnia 7
  • Telefonica is still testing the update
  • Deutsche Telekom is not updating the Samsung Omnia 7
  • AT&T: The HTC HD7S is currently Scheduling, while the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 is Testing and the Dell Venue Pro is in Planning.

In the official announcement (opens in new tab) this morning, published by Eric Hautala, it was stated that the team looks to start the rollout of the update out to 98% of existing users today on different devices, with different carriers and in different countries. However, to help combat any problems and issues with firmware and updates from manufacturers, only 10% of customers will actually receive the update this week. After that the team will raise the bar to 25% and after a few weeks everyone will be able to receive the update.

So when will you receive it? Any time within the next few weeks. If you really can't wait then we suggest you follow our steps to force the update through Zune. To help you along if you've only just arrived, we've collected some interesting resources you'll want to check out that sums up today perfectly. Head on past the break for the links.


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  • I've noticed a few Mango related items lately.1) Transparent wallpapers do not working properly on my Focus ver 1.3 w/ Mango2) Zune Marketplace (PC), Zune Marketplace on device, and Zune Marketplace web are not in sync. The Website says my phone isn't running Mango, but shows the latest versions. When browsing the marketplace on my phone I can trigger an app update by viewing the app, going back and viewing it again. The Buy button should change to "Update".
  • Thank you so much for this summary post, I just got home from classes and this has allowed me to get back to speed and Mango running on my Focus!WPCentral rocks!
  • Great work and coverage guys! :D Also - check out the nice new touch on WP7 Mango update for how MS advise/handle Region Restricted Apps. they advise you that App isnt available in your region (Improvement) then offer to double-check your region for a local release version if available (new and improved).Nice touch MS!Sheeds.
  • Mango day isn't over yet guys!
  • I'm digging it thus far, but the lockscreen bug is still cropping up on my Focus. Still gotta stick with auto-adjust on brightness. Weaksauce ...
  • no such lockscreen issues on my arrive.
  • I'm having the same problem on my Focus. Are you saying auto-adjust is a fix? My auto-adjust is on and the text is still delayed upon lockscreen splash.
  • Any idea if the Force/Disconnect trick works on T-Mo HD2 running WP7? I am running the Back to the Future ROM that is Zune compatible. Been trying a while now and no luck so far.
  • Thanks for this summary post. Now that Mango is "out" can you guys do another summary that is basically a roundup of all the Mango-only software that you talked about over the past month or two? There are a couple that I remember wanting at the time but can't seem to recall what they were anymore.
  • We'll see what can be done. In the meantime, the easiest way for now is this link that will pull up any posts tagged Mango Apps.
  • What happened to all the Samsung apps that have been reported on lately. I've seen mention of almost a dozen apps in various blogs and articles around the web that Samsung is supposed to add to the Marketplace with the Mango update. Anyone seen them yet?
  • They all showed up for me after installing 7720. Some old ones got new icons, too. Did Samsung do a huge app update today, or is this just something that full-Mango lets me see?I have no idea.
  • Too much hype, not enough result. I am NOT happy with mango so far at all. If anything it's worse. keyboard in landscape mode takes up more room, predictive text not working worth a **** making a ringtone genre in Zune does NOT work, my transparent wallpaper is screwed up.... This is total BS. If I wasn't stuck with my contract, I would be going back to Verizon and android..... Oh, and apparently vertical scrolling when typing this out doesn't work.... And I don't want an address bar in landscape mode! I flip to landscape for more room! And taking favorites button off bottom in portrait mode? WTF?!?!?!?!?
  • I have no problems with predictive text, favorites is still there.MS thought people would rather see more of the web, this was published in an article on this site the other day. im sorry but most of your complaints are absurd and based on your own user error. threatening to go back to android will not solve your issues.
  • Ringtone does too work.. just added two songs as ringtones that completely work. Here try this.. You have to cut a song down to 40 seconds or less, then change the genre in Zune to "ringtone", sync to phone, and it'll be in your ringtones, up top, filed under custom ringtones. It's a lot of work, it's really BS. But it DOES work. The other things you mention, well you're just being whiny. If you hate it that much sell the device on Ebay and pick up an android on ebay.
  • sorry, your reply wasn't up when I posted what I have below. My mistake was having "ringtones" instead of "ringtone". And if I could just sell my (and my wife's) phone on ebay and switch back I would. AT&T said over $500 to cancel my service. Yeah, cause i got that laying around.... And anyone have an idea on how to do custom alerts? Apparently custom ringtones can't be used for alerts? I tried making an "alert" genre, didn't work.
  • as an update, I did figure out ringtones. Or should I say the "ringtone" genre thing in Zune. Still should have more options for ringtone creation (like just tapping on the file or an mp3 in a text attachment), but i will apologize for that error. Sorry. But predictive text isn't as good as it was, and the keyboard takes up more room on explorer than it did before. How is that seeing more of the web? And i didn't say favorites were gone, but they took it away as a primary button. in my opinion, that's microsoft being microsoft and fixing things that aren't broken. My complaints absurd? you're welcome to your opinion, but things that Google and Apple have figured out a while ago, shouldn't be considered absurd complaints.
  • Be quiet Mango is awesome and working find on win phone with no problem with update. we know your a apple troll pretending you have windows phone 7 dont be jealous wp7 mango blows away iphone os
  • I came from the Dev Beta release, just plugged in my phone and was told there was an update available. 3 updates later (1 for Mango, 1 to remove beta provisioning, and 1 from Samsung) and I was up and running. Unfortunately AT&T is still lame - no visual voicemail support. As the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7, they should be embarrassed. I sent their support an e-mail to find out when they will support it and stop treating Windows Phone 7 owners as second rate citizens to the iPhone owners. We'll see what they come back with.
  • I'm a WebOS Palm Pre user and I've been waiting for this update. I have a demo HTC Arrive from Sprint and just did the update. The phone seems much faster now. Looks like my Palm days are over. Now, if someone could point me in the direction of a Mango for dummies. I'll start with the link. Thanks much for this site and all of the other Central sites. I check them every day. I just have to try to remember to not try to swipe messages away like I did on my Pre.
  • Maybe this is a dumb question.. I've been seeing posts for weeks about apps getting the Mango update.. do I need to somehow update those apps as they were to their Mango app counterparts? Or did it happen somewhere invisibly behind the scenes that I didn't notice? But a big thanks to WP Central for hooking up the cheat the update out of Zune trick!!
  • no mango for me Focus v1.3 I could wait though but hopefully ill get it in the morning :D
  • hey HTC users, the HTC Connected Media app says not available for my device (surround), says my phones software needs to be updated (just updated to mango) exclusive to a different carrier (AT&T) or the app isnt available in my region (USA).. The description doesnt say anything more than what the app does.
  • Connected media was erroring out with "unsupported device" before today. After the update its running just great for me now.
  • I wonder if forcing the update has anything to do with it.
  • So is there any news or indication of when Mango will hit the plagued Samsung Omnia 7s? :(
  • isnt that the device thats giving out the errors and so far has stumped MS?
  • I have the Deutsche Telekom 16 GB version, which according to Where's My Update page, won't be delivering Mango to it.. Devastating
  • haven't had a chance to try yet - any word of drvs have to re-unlock our phones after the update?
  • Anyone know how an unlocked AT&T Samsung Focus gets the update in Mongolia?
  • Thoughts on Mango:Overall I love all the new features and I am definitely a happy customer BUT I do have a few peevesI don't like the new animations when opening hubs. The original one felt more fluid. The people hub live tiles seems to show blank icons more often.I miss find in page in IE9 already.The people hub should have the option to show display pictures and twitter usernames instead of real names.Also, anyone notice the volume on the phone is lower? I use to be able to get a comfortable volume at 25-27 but now I can crank it all the way up to 30 and it still may not be loud enough.
  • My only issue with Mango so far is that you can't pin the 'to-do' section in the calendar. This should be possible and it should be a live tile that scrolls your current tasks.
  • This morning I spoke to T-mo about tethering and Visual Voice Mail and was told they charge $14.99 monthly to turn-on the tethering feature. I passed. Hopefully someone will provide us with a way to tether without the subscription. Unfortunately, we get an error message when the Visual Voice Mail feature is turned on. This is a known issue but T-Mo was not sure, when this would be fixed. She blamed Microsoft.