The WPCentral Mango Day Summary

Has it not been one of the most hectic days of the calendar year in the Windows Phone community? We've had a massive amount of news to get through today including the launch of the web Marketplace and the rollout of Mango - first the US and then Internationally. We've also had a superb option to force the Mango update for many who simply can't wait. Also, before we crack on with the summary, be sure to note that the WPCentral app has been mango'd.

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So who's onboard with the update thus far carrier-wise? Almost every operator is rolling out the update including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three, SFR and many more (let's not forget unlocked handsets). However, there are a few that aren't up-to-scratch (according to Where's My Update?):

  • SFR is not updating the Samsung Omnia 7
  • Telefonica is still testing the update
  • Deutsche Telekom is not updating the Samsung Omnia 7
  • AT&T: The HTC HD7S is currently Scheduling, while the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 is Testing and the Dell Venue Pro is in Planning.

In the official announcement this morning, published by Eric Hautala, it was stated that the team looks to start the rollout of the update out to 98% of existing users today on different devices, with different carriers and in different countries. However, to help combat any problems and issues with firmware and updates from manufacturers, only 10% of customers will actually receive the update this week. After that the team will raise the bar to 25% and after a few weeks everyone will be able to receive the update.

So when will you receive it? Any time within the next few weeks. If you really can't wait then we suggest you follow our steps to force the update through Zune. To help you along if you've only just arrived, we've collected some interesting resources you'll want to check out that sums up today perfectly. Head on past the break for the links.


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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