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Windows Phone overtakes iPhone in Lithuania; boasts selling three times as many units

According to Ekonomika, Windows Phone has experienced substantial growth in Lithuania, surpassing the iPhone. Due to progress made by Nokia, company representatives estimate that Lithuanians have more than 50,000 Lumia smartphones and that Nokia has sold three times more units than Apple.

Vytenis Koryzna, Nokia sales representative in Lithuania, estimates "that by the end of the year, Lithuania will have around 100,000 Nokia Lumia owners" (translated). Market research firm GFK points out the growing success of Nokia Windows Phone hardware in the region, with the platform growing in market share from 6 percent to 12 since the beginning of 2013.

Apple recently announced the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C with plans to cater for the high-end and mid-range markets. We've previously looked at data released by IDC, which paints a bright future for Microsoft's mobile platform. As well as the global picture and Lithunaia, there's also the success story in India. This is all before we see 1080p hardware and quad-core beastly machines.

Source: Ekonomika

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • If you start gloating, Daniel will find you.
  • Lol
  • GO LITHUANIA GO!!!! I´m a proud lithuanian by the way. ;D
  • Almost same story in Mexico but for some reason; I don't see ads from Microsoft, Nokia or carriers. I wish they assign more resources in countries in which they are doing great.
    Nokia hasn't sent Amber to any of the Mexican carriers. I had to flash my Lumia 920 with a French ROM :/
    Anyways, good for Lituania (that's how you spell it in Spanish :P )
  • Yo hablo español tambien! Es que ahora estoy viviendo en España. Tengo un lumia 920 traido de Lituania y actualizado a Amber aqui en Esp. No habrías preferido una rom española? Bueno, que te vaya bien AMIGO! ;)
  • ¡Que bien! Pues el ROM Frances viene con varios idiomas entre ellos, Español, Ingles y algunos asiaticos. Una de las razones que me orillaron a ese ROM fue porque no era de ningun carrier, un tiempo intente con el de Rogers Canada pero para evitar problemas de Carriers puse el Frances, ademas tenia un numero ligeramente superior X.0001 vs X.0002.
    Que estes bien y España et trate bien.
  • I've been waiting for this day!  Lithuania is OURS!!!!
  • As long as I get the girls, you can have the country.
  • General thinking is that if a phone is successful in US, then it is automatically a success in rest of the world. This is true for Android/Samsung, iphone, Blackberry (positively at its peak as well as nagatively these days).
    interestingly, for Nokia/MS, this is turning out to be the other way. I cant wait to read the headlines replacing the <country name> with US.
    Still have for MSFT/NOK. Job well done.
  • Actually it's no surprise at all to see Nokia taking over in European countries. Nokia is a very strong brand with deep roots here in Europe. Their downfall only happened because they didn't moved to smartphones on time. Now that they have, people are gladly going back to Nokia.
    Which is why MS has to understand that if they want to buy Nokia, they must secure a way to keep the Nokia branding on the smartphones here. Otherwise just as people came, people will go (and since we seldom work with carrier contracts in Europe, we can change phones way easier). Well, then in this case there's also the fact that iPhones are ridiculously overpriced and the European economy is still in the slums.
  • I completly agree with you. Nokia is a strong brand in Europe, much stronger than windows phone or maybe even microsoft(when talking about mobile). Replacing the name wold be a shot in the foot for microsoft.
    Also Iphone price is completly unjustified. P.S. I'm really happy to see nice growth in EU. Even here in Croatia I can see more and more people carrying WP devices.
  • OK. I just started this thread on user voice.
    Place your votes:
  • Voted my 3 votes
  • Just gave 3 votes and a comment to that one :D
  • Agree,in Europe Nokia is the definition for mobile phone,if  MS will  not keep Nokia branding they will lose this market
  • Another voice agreeing. Nokia means a lot to people, Microsoft, sadly not so much. I know a lot of people who won't look at Nokia phones cos of "Windows" and "Microsoft". Their loss, but sadly MS has a damaged rep for too many people.
  • Sadly I don't know what MS did to these people.
  • Well to be fair MS have had their share of flops and lots of people feel burned and won't go back to them. These things are cyclical, and MS are badly positioned because of that just now. However it seems people are less forgiving of MS than others. Apple have had a lot of bad products and projects that have been cancelled or needed quite a few iterations to get right, but that gets swept under the rug and their fans are ardently supportive. Same for Google who I used to like myself, but these days seeing some of their policies and also the realisation that they are just a BIG ad firm, together with seeing how easily the cancel useful products that people use just cos they didn't make them enough money, makes me not want to go near them. Yet again people turn a blind eye to that, just see "open source" and "free" and think they can do no wrong. I don't understand how people can be so naïve. And finally Samsung, they are just a big copycat, look how their original phones aped the iPhone. Sure now they have a bit more distinction, but their products are hardly exciting, decent hardware, but woeful design. Yet people lap it up, mostly cos it's cutting edge and cheap(ish). If all things were fair MS and Nokia would be doing a lot better, but the world isn't a level playing field and they need to do more with their marketing (not advertising, but marketing and branding) to change people's perceptions. Keeping the Nokia brand is to me a big part of that. MS have to swallow their pride and realise a lot of people dislike and distrust them, fairly or not, and capitalise instead of their strong points like Nokia, Skype and Xbox and not Windows and indeed Microsoft itself. To me a Windows 9 phone that merges RT, WP with Xbox gaming, Surface design and Nokia design could be the product to make people forget their distrust of MS. That's a year away at least, but I hope it happens and restores MS's reputation.
  • Microsoft destroyed a lot of companies, dreams and projects in their quest for world domination.
    My favourite OS back in the '90s was Amiga OS... and Microsoft helped killing it. Still today, I can't forgive them for that. Some Amiga OS features are still not available today, in any OS.
    Such as costumizing every single icon or saving the exact place of every window of the OS so it would open in that place the next time you open it again. This was true for OS windows and also for each individual program. Another big plus: you could truly multitask. By pressing 2 keys, it would cycle through programs in the blink of an eye, with no need to use virtual memory whatesoever. And this was achieved with just 2 MB of Graphics RAM. Nowadays we have GBs of RAM and cycling through programs is still slughish and slow. Go figure.
  • You got that right! I bought a Lumia despite Microsoft. Yes, I said it. 
    I am a longtime Linux user... and before '95, I only used Amiga OS. Windows was always my last possible choice, until Nokia convinced me to try Windows Phone.
  • Good news. Now we need to get the US sales up.
  • Wont happen apple sold like 9 million iPhone in less than a week
  • No... They shipped... These numbers are actual market shares.
  • I haven't had time to look if it was sales or shipped but ether way WP can grow in the US but it won't be easy. Microsoft needs to get on it in OS updates and marketing. Oh and get on ATT about GDR2 & Amber.
  • You have talked about many countries around the world. Any info of Pakistan? It feels like I'm the only windows phone user here. =(
  • Taliban are buying android by the camel loads. Sorry dude.
  • Thanks, that comment really helped a lot -_-
  • Use your windows phone like a pro and convince other people to get it ;) ... Good luck bro!
  • Was that supposed to be funny?
  • Making a jokes about taliban dickheads/ disgracing them is always funny.  :) No exceptions !
    Stats for Pakistan... well - seems there are none. And you could actually provide some insights. I will do some below:
    Lithuania: majority of users are either iFans or Android users..... We are nation, where everyone has at least two mobile phones.... Where 3 million people have 5 million active SIM cards. I have old HTC desire (use it my car - for ODB2 bluetooth or some internet sharing, Blackberry Bold (shittiest phone in the world), Nokia (not sure about model, but battery lasts long) and Samsung S3, which is going to be replaced to HTC one or S4. Have not decided yet. I have two SIM cards (one for personal phone, one for work phone).
  • Few WP's perhaps, but Coke Studio Pakistan rocks!!!!
  • Wow that's my country, i feel good for supporting WP now.
  • You didn't before?
  • I just felt good for myself.
    As a supporter im not 100% percent loyal, i could join iOS or Android any day if they offer me something i want.
    Currently im with HTC WP but im targeting to buy a Nokia as my next phone.
    And im extremelly surprised that our "village" got mentioned in WPCentral, it's a tiny mini country of sad people.
  • WMPowerUser posted the same news. Both wpcentral & WMPowerUser sites pointed to the same source: ekonomika. But WMPowerUser had a mention to thank "Domantas", whom I presume is their forum user. I like wpcentral, but on this occasion (considering this Lithuania news isn't exactly that kind of mainstream ones for such coincidence), I can't help but wonder which site spotted the news first. And did the late party just merely reproduce the news in its own writings?
  • Yea, much like the UK. Sometimes I think we Europeans are too self critical... but it's a laugh, no? I've not been to Lithuania yet. Perhaps I'll visit there next. Sounds very much like Britain to me, just a bit nicer. :-)
  • We are NOT sad people AT ALL. The sad people of Lithuania are the russian and polish ones.
  • In India i see more iPhones than WP from all 3 companies..
  • That's because iPhones imported from US and UK. You hardly see any iPhone 5 variants in India. With the introduction of Lumia 520/620/720 WP clearly outselling iPhones.
  • Get a world map there 200+ countries in world..
  • What does that have to do with his comment?
  • Hush now.  This man learned something new today.  Don't bring him down. :p
  • Nothing. It's a divert tactic, since his argument went down the drain.
  • I wrote the whole thing and crappy WPCentral app with its very tiny edit column(WP App) screwed up the whole thing I wrote.  However, Why I should get bothered who sells what. But fact is iPhone4 at 26K price is outselling the  Lumia 820/920/925 and on lower price points Local Android makers like MicroMaxx, Karbbon, Xolo, Lava, etc are suffocating Nokia so bad. And Price point above 30K is already taken by Sony, Samsung & HTC Android phones and iPhone5,5C,5S are on the top price ranges.
    Nokia hardly sells in India apart from Asha phones. Lumia has always been a big flop.. Why? - Whatsapp + Viber doesn't work.
    Whoever boght WP8 in halo of Nokia brand are suffering from No Notification, No official Fb, No Instagram, Top of all Storage Issue of OTHERS folders. go to / ppl are selling off their week old phones. Main complaint is NO APPS + No Notification Center..!!
  • WP Central app is crashing IDK why..??
    I worte: Get a world map there 200+ countries in world.. and just taking over 1 or 2 or 10 countries hardly matters.
  • I wrote the whole thing and crappy WPCentral app with its very tiny edit column screwed up the whole thing I wrote.  However, Why I should get bothered who sells what. But fact is iPhone4 at 26K price is outselling the  Lumia 820/920/925 and on lower price points Local Android makers like MicroMaxx, Karbbon, Xolo, Lava, etc are suffocating Nokia so bad. And Price point above 30K is already taken by Sony, Samsung & HTC Android phones and iPhone5,5C,5S are on the top price ranges.
    Nokia hardly sells in India apart from Asha phones. Lumia has always been a big flop.. Why? - Whatsapp + Viber doesn't work.
    Whoever boght WP8 in halo of Nokia brand are suffering from No Notification, No official Fb, No Instagram, Top of all Storage Issue of OTHERS folders. go to / ppl are selling off their week old phones. Main complaint is NO APPS + No Notification Center..!!
  • It's a country fine sir.
  • See! That shows my knowledge of that area. Geography is not my strong point! But go WP!
  • Tim Cook referred this as "junk market". Hope that helps.
  • One man's "Junk" is another mans treasure. These small markets will add up. Tim knows that. Hence why apple made a "Cheaper " version iPhone.
  • My "junk" is every woman's treasure.
  • Europe is junk market? No.
  • Arrogant,typically apple-ish
  • Exactly what I think!  Arrogance to the extreme, and without even try to hide it.
  • You've really never heard of Lithuania? :o
  • I'm sorry Rohanj, but no .. Lol
  • only hear about them when they are playing against some big team in Euro qualifiers
  • Not heard of the caps lock key either it seems. Beautiful country, more beautiful women, smart phone buyers as well it seems!
  • Hey, I was excited man! I was rejoicing!
  • You didn't know Lithuania is a country and not a city? Reall?? I'm afraid you are perpetuating the stereotype of Americans. Before I do know that Africa is a continent and not a country right?
  • Same result in the Czech republic. WP has beaten the iPhones sales for last 2 quarters of 2013.
  • Ace. I've always liked Prague. Lovely place to visit.
  • World class city with some very beautiful women.
  • Lithuania loves Nokia.
  • So why aren't the stock going up for Nokia & Microsoft if they are selling very well in other countries? Just wondering; typing from my Nokia Lumia 925 right now. :)
  • Stock market is a funny thing lol
  • Ok thanks lol!
  • These are small markets. Until it says, US, China, India, England and a few others, it won't matter much.
  • Oh I see thanks!
  • +1 MS and Nokia has a hard uphill battle going into China and US, China being one of the main reason Apple sold so many iPhone. One could argue China market is more important than US in certain aspects.
  • Mexico is a big one, and last time I heard it is number two in Mexico.
  • because analysts dont read every country's reports individually. They monitor launch day/week sales, specially in US/UK or may be EU.
    Once the launch week is over, they look at the quarterly sales. In between them, the only thing that moves the stock price is any big news,
    If you already havent noticed, NOK was ticking at $6.70 in the post lunch session yesterday. Up from over $4.00 less than a month ago. That move was of course due to the acquisition news.
  • Ok thanks I see, so in other words the analysts are a bunch of IPhone & Android lovers. Lol!
  • No its because a country with a population of ~3 million doesn't matter to countries with billions of people.
  • So sad.
  • No, it's not quite like that. Think of EU countries like you do US states. If each state doesn't matter, then the US doesn't matter. Clearly nonsense. Similarly, if each EU country doesn't matter as a market, then the EU doesn't matter. Again, clearly nonsense. When you live and travel in the EU you'll find it's all a very similar market. The EU mattered to Nokia, and they were never an EU company. Now the new Nokisoft company is going to find out why.
  • US Government Shutdown. Stocks are waiting to see what happens. Then they'll either climb... or crash.
  • microsft needs to focus on india..we dont have xbox music nor all the bing stuff
  • Very true. India is well worth courting.
  • Why do you need XBox Music when you have Nokia Music? About the Bing apps: I like them, but Nokia has a better Weather app as well. Bing Sports is kind of weak at the moment, as Microsoft is American and have no clue of what happens in popular sports like soccer.
  • Sweeeeet
  • Considering Apple sold over 9 million iPhones over the weekend, this will change.
  • Does this really matter? Fail in the U.S. You fail period. Tell me I'm wrong. . .
  • Who are you again?
  • You're wrong.
  • USA is a small market compare to other regions.. Don't be blind dude, nokia was the biggest market share holder in the world for a long time but had the least share in the USA, msft/nokia are continuing the trend,keep what nokia has before saturate the market with hardware's that are different and beautifully made,keep Nokia branding..
    Time will tell..
  • You're wrong..
  • You are wrong. What a stupid statement.
  • Yes you are wrong.
  • Yeah very wrong. Last time I checked, Nokia was world number 1 for years with less than 5% market share in the US. They actually didnt even care that much, if at all about the US until the Lumia 900.
    Of course the iPhone changed all that.
  • I believe it's got to do with buying the phone unlocked. Anywhere else in the world, iPhone could cost an arm and a leg. A cheaper alternative would be android device but as we all know cheap android devices mostly work likes craps and that's where butter smooth low end Lumia becomes the best choice.
  • I think if they start using LUMIA the sooner the better, buyers know what's up!!
  • Hey I'm happy to see receptiveness elsewhere in the world. As for the US, it will happen as market penetration happens outside. Slowly, but eventually, as more apps come to the WP repertoire (I feel so smart saying that word!), WP8 will be a contender. I like to call it, "The Sleeping Beast". We're just the smart ones to the party first ;)
  • As for apps? I have well over 100+ on my phone, most free or discounted that WPCentral has advertised in their blogs. If you don't have their app, you NEED to download it. Best money I ever spent on an app. WPCentral, you rock!!
  • Not much to boast about, its Lithuania ffs.. What's the GDP there?
  • Who cares, it is another market where the tide and perception have turned, another notch in the belt. At critical mass an idea, in this case windows phone, has a chance to become mainstream.
  • and how is that important? you dont even know where the country is.... thats how ignorant you are. also you can look for that information yourself but i bet your intelligence doesnt allow you to..
    im amazed you keep trolling around :). its clear you really want attention, I hope someday you will find a life and go outside and stop refreshing WPcentral to post more troll comments ;)
  • Lol douchebag, I live in Europe, we have schools here.... And trolling you fanboys is just too much fun and waaaay too easy :D
  • $65 billion. Hey, it all adds up.
  • Yeah, its like being the best looking kid at fat camp
  • Better than being the ugliest.
  • Wondering if they are able to make and sell phones much more cheaper than 520... People will completely go mad and start purchasing only lumias... Not talking about the high end fans...
  • All these posts about Windows Phone beating iPhone in certain countries, I feel like we're playing risk lol
  • Lol..occupying one by one..little by little..
  • Living in north America my whole life, what I have seen is more of a culture of buying something just because someone else has. And then to keep on buying it because it "must be good". But in many other countries, people seem a little more interested in actually finding out a little bit more about their purchases instead of buying blindly like we do here. IPhone is killing it most because of this I'll venture to say, and honestly most of the android users I know just use their phones for calling, txt, Facebook, email and photos, which is generally done better on WP than android, esp in the mid and lower range phones. But people will continue to buy androids and iPhones "just 'cause I already got one", totally oblivious to the better options out there. Consumers in north America are more gullible and less informed IMHO
  • And also in the USA you have more subsidized phones, which is one of the main factors people "don't even note" the difference where at the end they are paying hundreds of dollars for a phone.
  • I agree completely.
  • Free Lumia 500 serie lol
  • Hello everyone I reading wpcentral everyday for a long time and never writed anything here :) But because I am from Lithuania, I tought that it's a good time to write my first comment here. I can see that Lumia is getting more and more popular here everyday. I advised to buy for my EX girlfriend :)) nokia 925 and she is very happy with this phone, and one my friend buyed 620, advised too, now on more friend will buy 820. And my aunt have lumia because of me :D Well everything looks okay if not one issue, I never had windows phone :) I am waiting for 5 display with snapdragon 800, then I will buy this immediately. I really want to have this phone because I know a lot of things about windows 8
  • I sincerely hope high-level management in MS have considered what it will do to WP when they remove "Nokia" from their phones.  The Nokia name carries WP greatly outside the United States.  Without that Nokia name WP will not sell as well.
  • Small numbers but still not a bad litmus for what is happening in some markets.
  • Who cares !!!
  • Windows Phone... RULES!!!
  • Even though WP is the second OS in Lithuania, Lithuanian developers only make Android and IOS apps. And we, Lithuanians still don't have much Bing features, and Nokia mixradio app isn't supported in here.