Lumia 925

According to Ekonomika, Windows Phone has experienced substantial growth in Lithuania, surpassing the iPhone. Due to progress made by Nokia, company representatives estimate that Lithuanians have more than 50,000 Lumia smartphones and that Nokia has sold three times more units than Apple.

Vytenis Koryzna, Nokia sales representative in Lithuania, estimates "that by the end of the year, Lithuania will have around 100,000 Nokia Lumia owners" (translated). Market research firm GFK points out the growing success of Nokia Windows Phone hardware in the region, with the platform growing in market share from 6 percent to 12 since the beginning of 2013.

Apple recently announced the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C with plans to cater for the high-end and mid-range markets. We've previously looked at data released by IDC, which paints a bright future for Microsoft's mobile platform. As well as the global picture and Lithunaia, there's also the success story in India. This is all before we see 1080p hardware and quad-core beastly machines.

Source: Ekonomika