Windows Phone update rolling through for the AT&T HTC 8X

A Windows Phone update is being pushed out for the AT&T HTC 8X but there's not much to go on as far as what the update accomplishes.

The OS version remains at 8.0.10211.204 and the Firmware reads 1532.20.20100.502. The update only takes a few minutes to install and there isn't anything obvious as to what the update brings to the table.

Our guess is this update is similar to the update Verizon pushed out recently and has a few patches here, a few fixes there. We'll see what we can dig up but in the meantime, if you see any changes after updating, let us know below in the comments.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Hopefully does something with regards to the bricking issue :|
  • And the SIM card issue.
  • ...and battery
  • It doesn't change the os version but it does change the firmware version but that's not going to fix the battery problem. I got this update weeks ago on my unlocked 8x and you don't notice any differences. Sort of behind the hood update...
  • Should i go for it ?
    I've been getting the notification for the past few weeks , but I was busy & didn't have time for it !
  • HTC is on the roll ...
  • How is that?
  • The update thing ? That's what the 3rd one within 4 weeks ?
    (Yes I'm aware , its probably the same update only tweaked for each variant)
  • Lol
  • Oh ok
  • Hahaha garbage T-Mobile taking their time I see.
  • Hey T-Mobile is actually pickin up and getting better
  • Yes, they are getting better in regards to their image. But in regards to 8x support, they decided to no longer carry the 8x due to poor sales performance. I'm worried how this will affect HTC 8x support, especially with timely updates.
  • WHT about 1314 for lumia 920
  • That's for ATT only, and some Rogers phones need it as well
  • If your going to go Windows Phone; you might as well go with Nokia; they are all in with Microsoft. Nokia Lumia 920 is still the best out there.
  • Thanks captain obvious
  • The 920 is horrible from my experience with it. Too big, far too heavy and very unstable. The 8X is a classy design in comparison, feels far better in the hand and pocket and far more stable. Sure Nokia invest time in apps and updates, but bar the storage fix there isn't anything worth having that is exclusive to Nokia yet.
  • HEAVY? Put down the strawberry margarita, head to the gym & and build some muscle bc not even my girl has a problem with the L920's weight/size.
    Nokia has invested quality hardware and far better technology than HTC on their windows phones. Not saying that the HTC isn't a good phone but better than the 920, I think not.
  • I have to agree, I had a unlocked 920 as a media device and I sold it and got my gf a 810 and have had nothing but problems with both of them battery, overheating, reboots etc. I'm thinking of getting her an unlocked 8X because my phone has been perfect. I wish for more storage or expandable so hopefully Catwalk improves in Nokia previous Flagship. Either that or I hope HTC continues follow suit on a better Flagship. I would buy a HTC WP version of the ONE first day full out cash. In the end its all about the users experience and so far HTC has been the best since the HD2 and my only 2 Nokia Smartphones have been just passable to say the least.
  • I've dropped my Lumia 920 more than any other phone in the past and it still functions like brand new. OIS is amazing, The screen is beautiful, the Nokia support unlike any other OEM & accessories more than any other wp phone.
    Yes there's things that can be improved upon like:
    Heating issues (won't deny that).
    Thickness of the phone (obviously ppl like slimmer).
    All other issues are oS related.
    A customer came in today with an 8x (the unmistakable wp text message tone gave it away) and even with his case I can tell his phone was lighter (first thought: fragile). I like the way the phone felt in my hand and the 8x screen looked just as awesome as my L920. I have nothing negative to say about the 8x BC it's a solid HTC phone however the HTC 8x cannot match what's under the hood (specs & quality) of the L920.
  • I've dropped my Titan countless times, and it doesn't mean a thing. It's about where the phone hits the ground. You could easily damage that Lumia 920 (as could I my Titan) from a much smaller height than you believe. Weight also doesn't mean anything in regards to actual strength of device. When Nokia devices get lighter, which I guarantee they will... Will you be thinking they're fragile? I myself like a good weight, but I hate seeing people use it as a measure of quality.
  • LOL
    I got the 822 because the 8X was huge. Why people want a minitablet in their pocket is beyond me. I held both in my hand before making my decision and I could not reach the far corners with my thumb, so I would have to reposition it or use my other hand (a pain, not being able to reach the back button). Sure the "beats" speakers are cool but I'm not using my phone like some 80's boom box.
    Also I have had Nokia's before (flip phone days) and know of their quality & experience, whereas HTC was a mystery to me. But really, it was the size that sold me. The 822 seems to be the smallest WP8 available.
  • LOL um you do know the 822 & 8X both have the same size screen 4.3 so calling the 8X minitablet makes no sense whatsoever. I'm going to assume you've never seen the 8X.
  • Different people have different taste, i chose 920 because of its size and weight.
  • What about the 7.8 UD for my kids 900's, where the hell is that, they keep asking me and there driving me nuts!
  • Just download the cabs and push it manually
  • Some people don't like to take the chance on screwing up their phone. So no.
  • Actually 7.5 is much smoother and lag-free OS but if you really want it then you can Update to 7.8 via seveneighter:
  • Not that tech savvy unfortunately
  • I'll never see any update for my lumia 810 on t-m that's for sure .
  • Still no love for India. HTC you are doing it wrong. Come on you little @#$%& push some updates here too.
  • Don't worry... You're not missing much.
  • I notice that now i can access the diagnostics menu. It was not present before.
  • what diagnostics menu?  that would be neat.
  • HTC is garbage!
  • Now that would be the perceived image of Nokia in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and a long list of other nations.
  • ...This app became gay?
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  • you do not understand, and have assumed far too much.
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    What I assume/hope is that you're commenting on the wrong article and not just calling a piece of software gay like a 14 year old.
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  • Received the update for Verizon HTC 8X but noticed nothing different.....why update if nothing changes
  • Obviously to fix issues or enhance performance.
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  • I think the very unpopular ativ s is better I've had no updates because its a stable phone no hardware issues and its bigger and thinner than both the 8x and 920. However i do actually like the 920 and its good to know Apple copied its design with there ipod range. Surprised Nokia haven't taken them to court over it. :)