Windows Template Studio snags interface tweaks in move to version 2.0

A new update for Windows Template Studio is now available, ticking the Visual Studio extension up to version 2.0. And although Windows Template Studio has been on a steady march for the past several months, adding new features along the way, version 2.0 appears to be focused more on creating a better overall experience.

According to Microsoft, the interface has been improved to be "faster and more approachable," and the wizard now detects the dark, light, and high contrast modes of Visual Studio.

Microsoft is also teasing the adoption of the NavigationView control when the next Windows 10 update is released. "In addition, once the next update to Windows 10 is released, we'll adopt the platform NavigationView control over the UWP Community Toolkit's great Hamburger menu control, which already does do a smart flip between their classic and the platform control," Microsoft says. "We're currently working on documentation to aid in that transition between the existing control and the new platform control as well."

Windows Template Studio was originally released in 2017 as a replacement for Windows App Studio, a web-based tool for easily creating apps without much coding knowledge. If you want to experiment with Windows Template Studio, it's available to download as an extension for Visual Studio now. If you already have it installed, you can head to Tools >Extensions and Updates and choose the "Update" option by Windows Template Studio.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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