Windows 10 UWP developer says 75% of his app's usage is on smartphones

Alan Mendelevich, the CEO of AdDuplex, says that 75% of the usage in his Windows 10 UWP app AppRaisin comes from the mobile (smartphone) side, with the rest coming from laptops and PCs.

Mendelevich wrote about his findings for a Medium post:

As of yesterday, 75% of AppRaisin usage happened on mobile, not desktop/tablets. And that considering that there are probably 100 times more Windows 10 PCs than phones in the wild. This is consistent with anecdotal feedback I've heard from other developers of truly universal Windows 10 apps — more app usage is happening on tiny market share Windows 10 Mobile than on the behemoth PC OS.The funny thing is, that the only time someone challenged this claim was at this year's BUILD conference. When I finally asked what their actual split was, she said "about 50/50". Which actually not contradicts, but proves my point. It should be at least 95/5 to correspond to the actual unit volumes.

Mendelevich uses the data as evidence that Microsoft needs to continue developing Windows 10 Mobile with the UWP app platform and push its use to third-party smartphone OEMs:

But I still believe that with the right amount of will, hustle and adequate "incentives" (likely much less than running "Nokia" cost) it should be possible to convince OEMs like HTC and Xiaomi to release proper Windows 10 Mobile devices and keep the value proposition of Universal Apps at the very least relevant, if not lucrative. The future of the whole Windows ecosystem depends on this. And I haven't heard a plausible strategy where it doesn't.

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John Callaham