WinMo 6.5 update list ... updated

Remember Microsoft's list of phones that will officially be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5? It's gotten a couple of updates already. While it's not like we have actual release dates, at least we're getting a window. And as the chart notes, it's not Microsoft providing the information, so these ranges are subject to change.

Keep an eye on the list here. (opens in new tab)

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  • While this is GREAT news for us TP2 owners ... the question remains - is this just HTC's timetable, or will the carriers sign on for these dates too. Remembering the rumour of Sprint saying things like Q2 2010
  • what does this 6.5 update actually bring to the TP2 that HTC doesn't already make awesome with TouchFlo3D skinned over 6.1? I still don't see how the new 6.5 Today screen shows you what's going on with pending texts/emails/missed calls and next calendar item like TouchFlo does or even the 6.1 Today screen. no one has explained or shown what a 6.5 Today screen looks like on a busy person's phone in daily use. screen shots perhaps? also, will you be able to continue running 6.1 on TP2 and not update to 6.5 if you so choose? I'm sure 6.5 is better on TP2, but I'm confused with how so since HTC did such a nice job out of the gate. is it just better browsing? dtreo
  • On the TP2, it's not just Windows Mobile 6.5 that comes in the update, but also the newer (awesomer) HTC Touch Flo 3D (Manilla 2.5). I'm also hearing things like better power use and small things like how scrolling works. When I moved my HTC Touch from 6.1 to 6.5 it was a VERY nice upgrade for that phone. And if your phone currently has 6.1 on it, don't upgrade to the new ROM and you'll stay at 6.1. I haven't heard anything about downgrade ROMs being made available so it's a one way trip to 6.5.
  • The first and last paragraph are blatantly wrong.
  • Depends on your point of view. Yes you can find the stock 6.1 ROM online on XDA Devs and PPCGeeks, but a downgrade path will most likely not be officially supported. So if you brick your phone going back to a unoffical stock ROM your carrier may tell you to suck it.
  • I just popped over to HTC's site and unless I missed them before they just added 3 updates for the Touch Pro 2; I also notice that they no longer have the TP2 listed multiple times for different carriers, there just one listing now.
  • You're on the "Worldwide" page. If you select the U.S. as your country then you'll see the phones broken down by carrier.
  • Ah, good catch, I googled (binged?) "HTC homepage" and clicked the Touch Pro 2 page link. Then clicked on support. Didn't ever notice the url didn't have US in it.