WinZip is expanding its roster of Windows productivity apps in a big way

Winzip Windows 11 Store
Winzip Windows 11 Store (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • WinZip is expanding its brand.
  • It'll still be a go-to option for compression, sharing, and encryption purposes.
  • A multitude of sibling WinZip apps are here to enhance productivity across different sectors.

File management was just the beginning. WinZip is expanding its reach to cover image management, PDF creation, and backing up data. The functionalities are multitudinous in the new era of WinZip 26 Pro.

In a big press release, WinZip broke down exactly what interested consumers should expect from the new features that expand upon "WinZip's legendary file compression, file sharing and encryption." Here are a few of the highlights: Streamlined file sharing processes, Personal Cloud NAS Drive support, and Windows Environmental Strings support. But features are the tip of the iceberg; WinZip has entirely new apps on the way as well for its WinZip Pro customers.

  • WinZip PDF Express: Create PDF files from any document and export a PDF to a Word or image file. Reorder, add or delete pages, or watermark pages from any PDF file, plus combine multiple file formats like Excel, JPG, Word and more into a single PDF. When the PDF is ready, use the power of the integrated WinZip Share Express to secure and share the file in one easy step to one or many locations. Take advantage of AES 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive data.
  • WinZip Image Manager: Manage, share and confidently secure photo files, all in one dedicated app. Easily convert formats, rotate, resize and crop one or multiple images. For increased security, users can remove camera information, EXIF data, including camera exposure, date/time the image was captured, as well as GPS coordinates.
  • WinZip Secure Backup: Benefit from simple, powerful backup routines and keep your important data secure. Save an encrypted copy of local or cloud data anywhere for an additional layer of security. This lightweight yet powerful engine, which includes file duplication detection, addresses the needs of consumers and businesses alike.

In short, if you like the core WinZip experience but feel it could use a bit more utility, your (un)spoken requests have been answered.

Robert Carnevale

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