WMExperts Podcast 14 - Diamond, WCDMA

Dieter's not going solo every other week anymore, Malatesta has joined in. This week we discuss the news and focus on what exactly WCDMA is and why it matters to both carriers, manufacturers, and -- yes -- you. Listen in!

(Note that we recorded this before the latest 800w images broke out -- we're definitely be discussing those next week!)

  • Diamond approved by fcc, ogled by Dieter
  • HTC Graphics Driver only for TYTNII?
  • 40% Market Share? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Let's be quick about it: Sprint Fail and Fail Harder. But hey, at least there's a Mogul 6.1 leak right?
  • And of course: Treo 800w spotted on DSL reports


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Dieter Bohn