WMExperts Podcast Episode 100

It's Episode 100, people! That's a whole lot of Windows Mobile. And to celebrate, well, we talk about a major shakeup within the Microsoft executive ranks, as well as the latest in Windows Mobile 7.

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Microsoft news

  • Microsoft may cut cost of Zune Pass: $9.99 a month?


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  • Congrats on 100. Grate show, love it... :)
  • Congratulations on your 100th WMExperts podcast. I've listened to just about everyone. Exciting times for fans of WinMo. Really excited about Q3 or Q4 (Windows Phone 7). Bring Dieter back! (at least as guest).
  • congrats on 100! Only because I'm such a big fan I feel the need to give Mal a piece of my mind: I've been using NRG's Energy rom for 18ish months not and never had a problem (i should try one of your roms lol). And don't be so critical of Maxy, he completely rewrote sense 2.5s home screen UI (which I'm now finding more enjoyable than WinMo's sense 2.5 or androids sense 2.1). Moreover its only been out for a couple days and he completed this monumental task in less than 2 months. Thanks for the fantastic podcasts!
  • lol, thx and fair enough... Well then again, in regards to NRG/Maxi, while I fully agree with all the hard work both have put in, the original question dealt with flashing customs ROMs, feedback, improvements, etc. In other words, one just trying out NRGs new ROM with Maxi would probably be disappointed, it should be more "beta" than Gold at this point. But you don't know to you flash, right? That's fine for powerusers, but once again, the question pertained to novices and how they would know what is "solid/stable" vs "beta/experimental". Appreciate your perspective though and thanks for listening ;-)