Office Online gets a little smarter with Bing-powered Insights

Office Word Online is about to get a little smarter with Insights for Office, which integrates Bing into the Word web app. But instead of being a search bar, Insights looks for key words or phrases in your document, and gives you information relevant to your topic.

Using Insights is pretty straightforward. If I was writing about the recent test launch of the Orion spacecraft, and needed more information about it, I would right-click on the word "Orion" in my document, and select Insight from the menu. Based on the context, Insights would surface a quick summary of Orion, followed by search results, images, and more, if applicable. It utilizes Snapshot, Wikipedia, Bing Image Search, and other web content to produce its results.

Insights for Office will be rolling out in English everywhere over the next few days.

Source: Bing Blogs

  • Wow, that's pretty awesome
  • Pretty cool. Sounds like an idea I submitted to MS back in August of how Cortana on PC and Phone could work together. Here's the excerpt from what I shared and then later made a blog post. "Cortana on A PC (Desktop) Should also employ the NOTEBOOK function to ensure that she gets to KNOW the user within other contexts in which she is now serving that user.
    The focus of what Cortana knows or learns about the user in the context of a desktop however would be different from what she knows about the user on the Windows Phone. However this information would be added to Cortana’s knowledge of the user via the Notebook.
    Whereas Cortana may sporadically proactively interject into the users activities or require direct activation by the user in the diverse and dynamic mobile Windows Phone environment her “presence” or function in the static task oriented PC context can be more intensive, continuous and collaborative.
    Because the desktop environment is static and task oriented Cortana should know in REAL-TIME WHAT the user is DOING. She should be actively monitoring the task being conducted so that she can offer assistance when needed. (This level of “perception” of course would be optional and controlled via the Notebook)
    Example: Cortana could be integrated into ms word (and other desktop apps) and able to monitor in real-time what is being written. such as if a user is writing a paper on the civil war. Via her interface which could be a “windowed” card-based system akin to that present on the phone, she can offer relevant data (culled from the web or the users on data on the pc) proactively and unobtrusively in relation to what is being typed. For instance if the last sentence typed was regarding President Abraham Lincoln and his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, Cortana can offer in a card based format a brief synopsis about Lincoln and the effects of that proclamation. (This is just a single example. There are many other applications as one considers Cortana’s integration in various apps and the Windows OS in the desktop." The full post/doc can be found here:
  • Wow! Impressive idea. Are there any other things that you have thought of to improve windows 10, or any other Microsoft products? I'm curious. I'll be checking out your larger blog post later today.
  • Seems smarter.
  • Seems insightful
  • Every thing is getting smarter this days except Windows phone
  • Except spelling, grammar and comments!
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  • Nice. Will be trying this out as soon as it's available.
  • Seems more informative and smarter...have to say office online is really getting feature rich
  • Really useful. Like this.
  • Yeah Nadella is doing an incredible job with office he knows where the money is
  • And office for windows is still a joke
  • I assume you mean phone or RT right?
  • The phone one, obviously. The RT one is really great (touch problems notwithstanding).
  • its time for change with 10. one os. where fragmentation wint be there like during Ballmer era
  • Cool.
  • Cool.  Will this come to Office 2013?  Or is it already there and I just don't know?
  • Great.. I love Office Online!
  • OMG... Awesome features
  • Um aren't there a few higher priority things to fix for Office Online. How about making OneNote a little closer to desktop feature set?
  • Integrate this into Office 2016?
  • Cool