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World Domination updated and added to the Windows 8 lineup with cross-platform support

World Domination is a Risk type game for your Windows Phone. It is a turn based game where you play to... well... dominate the world.

The game was recently updated to version 2.2 that took care of a few bugs and added options for 12 or 24 hour turn durations and an option to invite players using the public chat.

World Domination

While the update to the Windows Phone version of the game seems fairly routine, what's neat is that a Windows 8 version of the game has been released that allows cross platform play. So you can start a game on your Windows Phone and pick it back up from your Windows 8 computer. Much like you can do with King Poker.

In order to use the cross platform feature, you'll need to go into World Domination's settings and get your account retrieval code.  Launch the Windows 8 version, tap the "Already have an Account" option.  Enter your Windows Phone screen name and the retrieval code.  The two versions now should be linked.

World Domination is a free game that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store. You can find the Windows 8 version of World Domination here in the Windows Store.

Thanks, Hector1van, for the tip!

QR: World Domination

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  • Interesting, I believe I'm going to give this a try!
  • I could use a country or two .
  • This is a Cross Platform game. I want Cross Platform apps, using my Microsoft/ Email ID
    1) For eg, simple cross platform dictionary app, so whatever my starred words on WP8 version of the app, are then synced to Windows 8 version of app, so I have my star marked words on both OS. Similarly for as many apps as possible.
    Cross Platform games would be nice also. Play on WP8 and then Continue on Windows 8 and vice versa.
  • This is such a game.  See my tips below.
  • Does this bring the ability to play on more than the standard Risk map? I had lux touch on my iPhone that offered many maps for free: Land of Oz, Europe, ww2 Europe, US civil war, Earth vs Mars, etc
  • NO it's just his standard map. Very similar to Risk, only named after cities instead of regions.
  • Boo Hissss!! Seriously though I do like the idea of cross platform play. I have just played that map too many times to want to jump back in....
  • As the Tiper and Veteran of this game know this before you jump in:
    The game most important feature is the live tile and the notifications.  Before you start playing go to settings and enable both notifications and live tile.  Make space for the game in your home screen and Pin the game to start. Do the same for Win 8 Version (although Productivity will suffer)
    While you are in settings, write down the account retrival code.  You will need it for the Win8 Version so you can use the same account in both apps.
    With a 1 Euro donation your account will have 10 slots and the apps removes de ads.  Well worth it im my view.  The cool thing is the account will have the same slots in the Win8 version.  No need to pay twice for the same App!.
    There are humans on the other side of the game. They Sleep, work and can't play all the time. Not everyone plays fast, so don't get frustated if they don't play. Don't stare at the game board all the time, it gets boring.
    Go to the chat and make friends, Ask for other new players that want to play fast. Game gets real good when played real time.
    Real fast (veteran) players will not play you at first.  The ranking sistem discourages it because we get heavily penalized by losing to new players.  Your will have to reach a ranking of 25 to start asking for 1V1 games. Play with other new players public games.
    The best way to start to play is starting a Chat invite Public Game. Choose 12 hour games as 24 hours can take a very long time.
    After a few games try team games, it very different.
    There some funny characters in Chat sometimes they go to the offensive side, do not take anything too seriously.
    Don't attack if you don't have 4 armies or more. The odds won't favor you.  Unless you are desparate.
    Good Luck!
  • I loved playing World Empire back in 90s!!