The Disney Plus Bundle is now just $6 a month if you have Verizon!

Disney+ on Verizon
Disney+ on Verizon (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Windows Central)

Disney+ on Verizon

Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Disney now allows Verizon on Us subscribers to get the Disney+ bundle.
  • With this combo, you're charged $6 a month for the Disney+ bundle until the end of your free "Disney+ on Us" year.
  • At the end of that year, you'll be charged $12.99 a month for the bundle.

When Disney+ first launched in November, Verizon had an offer for its mobile and Fios customers to give them Disney+ for a year for free, called Disney+ on Us. Now, Disney+ on Us was the only offer that could be combined with a previous offer, allowing Founder's Circle members get four years for the price of two, but you can now combine it with another sweet offer: the Disney+ Bundle!

The Disney+ gives you Disney+, ESPN+, and ad-supported Hulu for $13 a month, but as long as your year of Disney+ on Us is active, you'll only be charged $6 a month for the bundle, which means that you're getting ESPN+ and Disney+ for the price of a basic Hulu subscription. That's pretty incredible, and it's something you should take advantage of right now, since the longer you wait, the less time you'll get to take advantage of this discount since your year Disney+ on Us is already running.

Want to avoid ads on Hulu but still take advantage of this deal? That's an option, too. So, seriously, what are you waiting for?

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