The WPCentral Canada Store is now open for Business!

Calling all Windows Phone and Microsoft fans... Today, on behalf of Mobile Nations and the WPCentral team, I'm extremely happy to announce the opening of our WPCentral Canada Store . The store resides at, but don't worry - if you're on a Canadian IP address we will automatically redirect you to the Canada store when you click on WPCentral's site navigation links (once in the store you can easily toggle between Canada store and main US/International store should you want to switch).

With our WPCentral Canada store warehouse physically located within Canada, shipping is now provided by Canada Post (UPS also available) and FREE SHIPPING is offered on most orders over $50. Shipping on smaller orders is a flat $5.95. The best news of course is that with your shipment never crossing the US/Canada border, you no longer have to worry about things like duty charges. And as you would expect, all pricing and transactions are conducted in Canadian dollars and we have lots of payment methods available. Beyond credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin are also accepted!

We have a solid selection of cases and accessories for Windows Phone available now and over the weeks ahead you're going to see us increase our assortment of accessories in both our Canada and main US/International store. We'll soon have many more OEM Lumia accessories available for purchase, and we're looking to scale up our offering to include more accessories for other Microsoft ecosystem products as well, including Surface and XBox. For those who also own mobile tech from other platforms, some of those popular items will also be available helping to make WPCentral your ultimate one stop shop. If there are any specific products you'd like to see us offer, be sure to let us know in the comments. We're building out our store offerings to make it the best online shopping destination available to you, so don't hesitate to let us know what you'd like to see.

We hope you enjoy this new service offering from WPCentral, and we appreciate your ongoing support!

CrackBerry Kevin