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Whew it was a busy day in the forums yesterday (I'm still sweating, it's hot in Texas) with the release of the new Mango Beta 2 to developers. We love new stuff from Microsoft. Have a look at some of the other threads that are catching attention. Don't forget to stop by out Applications and Games Spotlight forums to see what great new Apps have been posted.

Woo Even More Mango - Want to know whats different in Beta 2? Join the discussion.

Grubish360 - I'm updating my phone right now! I will report back when it's finished. 1. Start up is different. The Logo is now red and square. 2. In the music and video hub the play button is now two musical notes. 3. Twitter works! 4. "Fly in" animations for Music, games, pictures, and office are different.

Improvement Suggestions - Know what you want from your favorite OS? Have a suggestion?

bhinesley - Suggestion - A TIMER FOR THE CAMERA. How many times do you see people holding their phones at arm's length to take a photo of themselves & friends? A timer feature could be the killer feature!

New from our Applications Spotlight forum - 'Where Did I Take That?'

Not Greg -Ever looked at a photo and wondered where did I take that? Well wonder no more with this app you will be able to find out exactly where you took the photo. It will read the GPS location information from the photo and place it right on a map. No more will you look back over a party photo or a holiday snap and think for days where you took it. This app will show you, along with the time and date. This app also integrates right into your photo hub. Select a photo in the hub and bring up the sliding menu, select extras and select Where Did I Take That. The photo will be sent to the app show you just where you took it. This app will also work with any photos sent to you by friends as long as they save the GPS location on their phone or camera.

New from the Games Spotlight forum -  'boxStraik'

IgnoringGames - Hello! I just released my first game, which is called boxStraik. It's free, action-packed WP7 exclusive with four unique visual themes, two epic songs, three control schemes and global highscores! I am so tired ( it's 5 am here :O ) so I wont be giving you guys any huge promotion speech but I attached some screenshots :)

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