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What a busy week in the WPCentral Forums with the launch of Mango this week we have a lot to talk about. Join us in the Forums we are talking Mango everywhere. 

Did you get your device update? Did you know you could trick your phone to recognize the update?  If you still don’t have Mango sound off in this thread asking carriers where your Mango update is. 

When you complete the update process, how did it go?  Chime in and let us know if your experience was good or bad?  How about a little help with your Mango update or maybe you found something new and want to share?  Here's a discussion on tips and tricks our readers have discovered

It hasn’t all been fun and games with the update there have been some issues such as problems with Twitter integration.  Luckily, Microsoft has found a solution to the Twitter issues.  If you've found other issues with mango you can share them over in the Mango complaints and bugs discussion going on here.  Then there's the discussion where Mango destroyed your Windows Phone battery and some are wanting more themes.

WHAT?! I told you Mango is everywhere in the forums.  Read more on what's in the forums, after the break.

One of the most anticipated features we received with the Mango update is the ability to have custom Ring Tones! This discussion is your one stop shop thread for custom Ringtones. You can learn how to make them, you can pick up a few from a friend and when your ready you can post some up so I can use them.

With a major system update like Mango comes a flood of new and updated apps and we have those two. Our developer community was generous with the updates this week so be sure and stop in and check out all the new and updated apps in our Applications Spotlight and Games Spotlight forums. Here is some of what is new:

Applications Spotlight Forum:

Hallucination Simulator

Share Folder

Tiled Picture

Games Spotlight Forum:

Brainy Cells


Dark Runner


Just remember you'll need to register to participate in the Forums. It's a quick and painless process and you'll be joining the fun before you know it.

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  • Problems after forcing the update on my HTC HD7. Zune doesn't recognize my phone and the drivers claim to be up to date. I've searched high and low but no solutions. This is the only website that I trust with I formation so please help me out. By the way I don't live in the USA Europe or in Canada so I can't call for tech support. Thank in advance for your assistance
  • For you I hope you need to restart your PC, Get the latest version of ZUNE from
  • Even I have a HTC HD7 which was a unlocked device bought from UK. I am using it in India on an AIRTEL sim card. I performed everything on my phone including ways to get unofficial Pre-NODO, NO-DO using the walsh programs. And then updated my phone to fix a language issue caused due to walshing.Finally couldn't wait for the final mango release & so used unofficial methods to get MANGO beta-1, Beta-2.Everyone told me to take a backup of PRE_MANGO state inorder to get the final official version.But when I connected my device the day after MANGO got release, ZUNE immediately recognised my updates 7720 and installed it to perfection.Now I enjoy the MANGO goodness.But won't go for any future un-official updates again as I have what I nned in my phone (multi tasking, Skydrive...)