WPG, Microsoft, and Intel launch 'Made in India' PC Experience - NuPC

Vineet Durani, Director – Windows Business - Microsoft Corporation India, Rajeev Bajpai, President - WPG C&C Computers and Peripheral, Rajiv Bhalla - Director, Sales - Intel South Asia

WPG, the Taiwan based largest electronics distributor in Asia, has partnered with Intel and Microsoft to launch NuPC in India today. NuPC is one of the smallest form factor PCs and combines affordability with infinite customization, powered by Intel processors running Windows 8.1 with Bing.

The NuPC is an energy efficient, fully functional PC that fulfils the performance needs of average consumers but fits in the palm of your hand. It takes up a roughly 4x4-inch footprint on a desk and is just 35m thick.

From a home user to discerning enterprise users, the variants of NuPC meet the needs of both. The device can be used in kiosks, digital signage displays and other scenarios where a small, well-featured computer is required.

The NuPC is available in two variants. The Intel Core i3 processor one is available for ₹29,999 for the 2GB memory and 500 GB storage option ₹32,999 for the 4GB memory and 1 TB option. The Intel Celeron processor variant is available for ₹18,990 for the 2GB memory and 500 GB storage option and ₹21,990 for the 4GB memory and 1 TB option.


Rajeev Bajpai, President - WPG C&C Computers and Peripherals said,

We are delighted to collaborate with Intel and Microsoft to revolutionize the NUC market. Our NuPC, powered by the Intel® Processor Family and Microsoft Windows will help us deliver high quality performance, bolstered by energy efficient computing and ease of use. The made in India NuPC, will fulfil the aspirations of Indian customers, who need the best of technology at a reasonable price and we hope to become the first choice when it comes to portable and compact personal computing.

With NuPC, WPG is driving form factor innovation in partnership with Intel and Microsoft. It is an important milestone in the government's 'Make in India' vision while catering to consumer needs and enabling an empowered ecosystem of innovative devices.

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  • More expensive than an i3 laptop. But I guess the form factor matters.
  • Yup form factor matters for some.
    I recently build a pc with i5 and gtx 750ti in that same budget
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  •  These are just the Next Unit of Computing, NUC, that Intel has been selling for a couple of years. I have an i3 and an i5 model that I use with Windows Media Center. They are quite competent as media centers. Intel recently added an i7 model as well. Here's a link to them: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/overview.html
  • NuPC specs include no connectivity with display :) Perhaps in next version.
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  • so small, that won't be overheat ?
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  • Excellent as long as it doesn't bend at 4"x4" and 35 meters it will make a excellent roof truss too :)  
  • AMD should also come up with their new carrizo chips later this year.