Wunderlist is back up and running, but still dealing with slow sync issues

Access to Wunderlist, the popular online "to-do" list service owned by Microsoft, is now available again after close to two days of downtime. However, the service is not yet working at full capacity.

Wunderlist users were unable to log into the service starting early on Wednesday, and the outage continued well into Thursday. The Wunderlist status page offered continuing updates on this outage, indicating late on Thursday (ET) that the service came back online but then went down again early this morning as part of a planned outage "to allow our servers to catch up and to reduce the load."

The servers went back up again earlier today, but Wunderlist is still dealing with some issues. The latest update on their status page says:

We are continuing to monitor the server & database performance while the queue of changes from the last 2 days is going down. Synchronisation is still slow and repeating tasks, or changes in shared lists can take a bit to show up. Thanks again for bearing with us and for all the patience.

Wunderlist has still not offered a detailed explanation on what caused this extended outage.

John Callaham