Wunderlist gains desktop app for Windows, updates Windows Phone app

Popular list-making app Wunderlist is now available for your desktop. Wunderlist officially released updated apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 this past September. Now your cloud-synced lists will be available on your desktop, especially useful for any machines you have still running Windows 7. To top it off, the team at Wunderlist has updated their Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps!

Wunderlist for desktop is a new app from the list-making company out of Berlin. This new desktop version of Wunderlist works on either Windows 7 or Windows 8. So don't feel like you have to just use this on Windows 7. You can find all major features of Wunderlist in the desktop friendly version.

Here's what's recently new in the Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 Wunderlist apps:

  • Snapped View in Wunderlist for Windows 8 allows you to keep your to-dos in view, while working in another app. It's the perfect productivity set-up.
  • Landscape view in Wunderlist for Windows Phone 8 lets you take advantage of your entire screen and is perfect when you're typing a long Note or using Comments in a conversation.
  • Complete Live Tile support lets you have both your lists and Smart Lists — like 'Today' — pinned right on your Start screen so you see your most important to-dos at a glance.
  • Calendar Feed integration has now arrived on Wunderlist for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. You can now add your personal Wunderlist feed to your calendar appt.
  • Facebook and Google+ support makes it even easier to sign in to your Wunderlist.

Grab the new desktop Wunderlist app and let us know what you think!

Via: Wunderlist Blog

QR: Wunderlist

Sam Sabri