Xbox Family Settings helps parents manage child's spending habits with new update

Xbox Family Settings Update Image
Xbox Family Settings Update Image (Image credit: Xbox)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Family Settings is a feature-packed app for parents to help keep their child safe when playing on Xbox.
  • Microsoft has steadily updated the app with new features and capabilities since it initially launched.
  • Today, the app is getting a new update that helps parents manage the spending habits of their children.
  • This includes setting spending limits, checking account balances, and reviewing spending histories.

Xbox Family Settings is already a must-have app for parents with children that game on Xbox, and now it's getting even better. Microsoft announced today that a new update is rolling out to the Xbox Family Settings app, which focuses on helping parents manage the spending habits of their child. Unapproved spending in gaming has long been a point of contention for parents, as some children have spent thousands on in-game purchases. There have always been ways to prevent this for parents, but Xbox wants to make it even easier.

With the latest updates, Xbox Family Settings adds the following three features:

  • Set spending limits. Now, you can set strict spending limits in Xbox Family Settings for your child. In the period allotted, your child won't be able to surpass their set spending limit. This is also a great way to provide an allowance or rewards.
  • View account balance. Rather than give your child access to your credit or debit card, you can charge their Microsoft Account with money or a gift card. Using Xbox Family Settings, you can now keep an eye on the account balance for your child.
  • View spending history. Finally, you can now view the spending history of your child, and see exactly what they've spent money on in the past.

Combined with the preexisting "Ask to buy" feature, Xbox Family Settings has become an even better tool for parents. If you want to make sure you're on top of everything, be sure to check out our ultimate parents guide to Xbox. With Xbox Family Settings and the best Xbox kids games, there's never been a greater way for your child to play.

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