Xbox FanFest registration forced to start over because of site error

If you were hoping to get your hands on a ticket to attend the upcoming E3 2017 Xbox FanFest during the giveaway this morning, it looks like you'll have to test your luck again. Because of an error that caused the registration system to accept more entries than it should have, Microsoft says it will have to start over with another registration period.

Unfortunately, that means anyone who managed to register for one of the 400 spots up for grabs this morning will have their entries voided. From Microsoft:

Fan enthusiasm overwhelmed our Xbox FanFest: E3 2017 registration website today, and unfortunately resulted in an error – causing the system to accept more registrants than we had tickets for the event in total. We determined voiding this morning's registrations and starting over would help make things as fair as possible for all fans. So, if you were one of the fans who successfully registered this morning, you'll need to re-register, and Xbox is emailing something special to you for the inconvenience. Stay tuned for more. Keep an eye on my twitter account and Chris@XboxFanFest (@moneyrumble), and we'll tweet info on when we'll restart ticketing.

It's an unfortunate set of circumstances, and a number of fans who took part in the initial drop this morning have voiced their anger on Twitter. There's no indication when registration will open back up, but hopefully, any issues are cleared up for the second go-around.

To recap, Xbox FanFest will run during E3 from June 11 through June 13. Ticket holders are invited to attend the Xbox E3 briefing on June 11 and will receive some gaming swag in a "custom-built" backpack. Microsoft also promises that FanFest ticket holders will get an early look at Xbox exclusives, Project Scorpio, and more at a private event on June 12.

Thanks to Onysi and Ronny B. for the tips!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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