Xbox FPS Boost update rolls out to five Bethesda games like Prey, Dishonored, and more on Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Fps Boost Bethesda Titles
Xbox Fps Boost Bethesda Titles (Image credit: Xbox)

What you need to know

  • Now that Bethesda Softworks is a part of Xbox, many of their most popular games have been added to Xbox Game Pass.
  • Five classic Bethesda games were also announced to be gaining the new FPS Boost feature, which doubles or even quadruples framerates on select games.
  • Today, an update is rolling out for those five games, which enables FPS boost up to 60fps.
  • The games include Prey, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76.

Today, Xbox announced that the FPS Boost update is officially releasing for the five previously-announced Bethesda Softworks titles. Prey, Dishonored: Definitive Edition, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76 are all getting FPS Boost, which will double their framerates on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Xbox only just recently welcomed Zenimax Media into the Xbox family, but the new partnership has already spawned several huge announcements. After twenty classic Bethesda games were added to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox announced that five of Bethesda's most popular games would benefit from FPS Boost.

FPS Boost is an innovative backward compatibility feature that doubles or quadruples the framerate of select games using brand-new techniques. FPS Boost means that these five games can be enjoyed with twice the performance, an all-new experience for console players.

In the recent Xbox March Update, Xbox also added new compatibility settings for backward compatible games like the aforementioned Bethesda titles. These new settings allow players to toggle on and off FPS Boost and Auto HDR features.

It's awesome to see these older (incredible) games continue to be updated with new features, and their availability on Xbox Game Pass means Bethesda's games are among the Best Games on Xbox Game Pass. A ton of players will be able to experience them for the first time at their very best.

Xbox Game Pass continues to crush it, with today's announcement that Outriders is coming to Xbox Game Pass day one. With so many announcements, it can be easy to lose track. Fortunately, we have a guide on everything coming and going from Xbox Game Pass.

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