Xbox Game Pass already enjoys 'millions' of subscribers says Phil Spencer

Xbox Game PAss
Xbox Game PAss (Image credit: Microsoft)

Recently, Microsoft announced a number of new improvements to Xbox Game Pass. Aside from the general availability of the Xbox Game Pass app, the company unveiled some upcoming additions to the catalog. Some blockbusters and smaller experiences are joining the service very soon.

Since the service launched, many gamers have been asking Microsoft how many subscribers it has. While usually the company doesn't comment on sales figures, during an interview between Head of Xbox Phil Spencer and LevelUp, he revealed a general count. There are "millions of subscribers" today. You can read the quote compiled by WCCFtech below.

I think it's about choice for gamers. We are seeing incredible growth with Xbox Game Pass, we have millions of subscribers today. But also, every game that is in Xbox Game Pass, you can buy that game. I love the idea that if you want to go build your library of games through purchasing games, that's a great thing and it's incredibly healthy and growing right now, game sales. If you want to go build your library through the monthly subscription, I think that's also a great way and I love the fact that as a gamer you have that choice on our platform. The thing that I love though, about what's happening in Xbox Game Pass, is that people in Xbox Game Pass are playing more games than they did before they were Xbox Game Pass subscribers. They're playing genres of games that they didn't play before, because it's easy to try them out.

It's great to see that Xbox Game Pass is doing so well. Hopefully the trend will continue in the future as more high-profile titles join the service.

Do you pay $9.99 a month for Xbox Game Pass? Let us know. What do you want out of it in the future?

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  • I bought it for a year, my logic was "if there's at least two games on there that I would for sure buy, then why not?". I save a ton of money on buying random games all the time, plus with all the new studios who knows what will pop onto Game pass, money well spent!
  • T thought the same, i guess what? i got two years subscription, the service is amazing, i am playing Ninja Gaiden now and honestly i don't know what game i am gonna play next cause i want to play them all.
  • This is kind of what I thought even though I have a huge backlog of games to play. I mainly got it to play Forza Horizon 4 and I got a 1 year prepaid card for the same price as the game!
  • I signed up for it when it first released. The promise that all future Microsoft Studio titles would be permanent fixtures was too good to pass up. With them purchasing more studios yearly, this service is only going to get better. The quote in the story "They're playing genres of games that they didn't play before, because it's easy to try them out." rings true with my. I have a limited gaming budget and this is allowing me to not only try games I wasn't going to buy, but also expand my gaming horizons by playing more genres. All in all a great service.
  • My only nitpick with it is they don't show you which games are leaving and when they do leave the discount doesn't apply. It does give the smaller developers a much more consistent income though I would assume. Not sure if they get a cut or MS pays them a lump sum for x months, but either way I'm sure it's better for them.
  • I got it. It's good enough for the 10 bucks. It allowed me to make several games I had on disc digital which was nice.
  • Oh and I think only the smaller titles will be removed. I don't see the larger titles being removed, and by the time they might be the games are cheap as hell.
  • I've had it since day1. I'm 47 with kids, wife etc and don't get that long to play each week. My thoughts were I'd buy forza, sea of thieves anyway anything else is a bonus. I've been very impressed, played lots and it is certainly saving me money. Perhaps a little clock icon a few weeks before a game is due to leave would be nice so you can try before it leaves. I did however buy forza horizon 4 ultimate edition for expansion pass, cars and VIP so my argument for that one is a little slim but I have definitely saved money and look forward to near Gears, Halo and first party titles like Ori
  • Same boat here, few games in there for the kids too, Abzu and Rime are nice and peaceful, bonus for me to revisit GOW, Halo MCC, and big new titles like FH4 and SoT
  • More PC titles, please.
  • Why did Microsoft hike the Price so drastically here in Turkey
  • Probably because the currency is so crap right now in Turkey. You can thank your government for that.
  • You can also thank western journalism for making your government look 100x more evil than it is.
  • Ya that doesn't help either. But their ad dollars come from the military industrial complex. War is good for American business unfortunately.