While the Microsoft Band (and the never released Band 3) are a thing of the past, there's no reason you can't show your Xbox pride on your Fitbit wearable.

A developer has released a new watch face called GamerBand for the popular Fitbit Ionic (see my review) that grabs your Xbox Gamertag, avatar, and Gamerscore and makes them front and center on the watch.

Besides pulling in your freeze-framed Xbox avatar the watch face displays your current steps, heart rate, percentage battery level and, of course, the time and date.

Fitbit Ionic review: Fitness perfection with a heaping of smartwatch features

The free watch face can be added to any Fitbit Ionic (sorry Fitbit Blazer owners). Under the watch face settings merely type your Xbox Gamertag and in a few minutes, it should sync over.

Unfortunately, you do need to open the watch face settings once a day to make it refresh your Xbox Gamerscore, but the developer hopes to have a solution to auto-refresh in the future as Fitbit OS is built out.

Hitting the link below should redirect your Fitbit app to the free GamerBand watch face listing in the Fitbit catalog.

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