Xbox head Phil Spencer just revealed the first shot of the Phantom Dust on Xbox One

The title was originally announced as a remake for Xbox One a few years ago, but the project was unfortunately canceled due to difficulties with the game's developer. In the interim, Microsoft Studios has decided to port the original version of the game to Xbox One and Windows 10, giving it a bit of a makeover in the process.

We haven't seen a single shot of the re-release, until now!

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Xbox head Phil Spencer tweeted the above image a few moments ago, giving us a glimpse at how Phantom Dust will look when it arrives on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support and cross-platform play.

Phantom Dust combines card deck building with action RPG combat, complete with competitive multiplayer and a rich, post-apocalyptic plot. The original game was by no means a commercial success, but it garnered a cult fan base.

Microsoft Studios' head Shannon Loftis spearheaded the game's re-release, developed by Vancouver-based Code Mystics. Presumeably, Microsoft will gauge Phantom Dust's potential as a franchise based on how well the re-release is received, which should be some time before E3 2017, in June.

Did you play the original Phantom Dust? Are you interested in getting your hands on the re-release? Let us know in the comments.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • I haven't played the original but I was aware of it, I missed out on the OG Xbox completely. I've only played Halo: CE. I've heard it was unique. I was really looking forward to a reboot they had put on hold 2 years ago. I hope that this release will be a success so that they'd reconsider finishing that game, which AFAIK was pretty much finished but was only multiplayer.  
  • Same boat here, excited to give this one a try.
  • That lightbulb moment, when I realised that I had heard loads of mentions of Phantom Dust, but had always thought they were talking about From Dust. Hmmmm interesting, not aware of the original.
  • Played the original. It was a fantastic game, along the same lines as the original Chronicles of Reddick. I'd have to say Phantom Dust was more difficult though. Yes it had some hiccups, but for it's time, the graphics were very nice and stylistic. I will pick it up on Project Scorpio.
  • Looks ace!
  • amazing game, but i hope it gets a true sequel.  ppl need to buy it.